at Farside: Freddy Beach, June 5th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

June 08, 2019

We returned to Farside after three weeks away, with an unplugged edition of Trivia Club! Technical difficulties eliminated our ability to harness our usual audio/video capabilities, so instead the Friendly Neighborhood 'side enjoyed a lo-fi edition of your favorite Game Show on the same night that The Raptors took Oracle Arena!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Fuck Billy Zane returning for their fifth event, and taking the lead out of the first round. Three points behind them were Wantreprenuers in second, followed by another returning crew in Team Lithgow two points behind them, and rounding out this game field, newcomers by way of PEI, Freddy Beach (after a friend from Fredericton, natch)!

 Game Show Games  began with the Box Office Bullseye, and though Team Lithgow was close to getting two points, juuuust missing the Bullseye and gaining FIVE points as a result were Wantreprenuers! Now in the lead, those Wantreprenuers had to hope for a little luck in Survey Says, but with the first guess from out of the trivia tin of total chance, Fuck Billy Zane regained the lead with a TOP TEN answer! Getting eight points with the next guess and creating a tie for first however were those Wantreprenuers! Gaining six and four points respectively and also tieing as a result, were Freddy Beach and Team Lithgow, respectively! Finally in Countdown Takedown it was Freddy Beach who gained the TOP TEN and broke into third all by themselves, while Fuck Billy Zane grabbed eight points to take lone ownership of first place heading into round three!

With  Tri-Pardo , our third round at Farside, Wantreprenuers got the first pick of categories and rolled sixteen points! Team Lithgow followed that with a fourteen point second category, and with the third category Freddy Beach would eventually also roll for sixteen! This meant that a slightly above average forty-six points were on the line! Fuck Billy Zane would gain sixteen points from the third question, while Wantreprenuers would get the first and third questions correct but lose points on the second to see them gain eighteen points total and once again become tied with the most experienced team on the night, Fuck Billy Zane! These two teams would be tied for second place before the Finale however, because Freddy Beach took a big swing and hit for the triple, gaining all forty-six points in round three to jump into the lead!

For the  Trivia Finale , while Freddy Beach and Team Lithgow went all in, Fuck Billy Zane wagered all but one while Wantreprenuers left two points behind! This left any number of possibilities for the finish, though with the unheralded PEI gang with one thing they needed to do to clinch their win...

Which they did! Answering correctly were Team Lithgow, who finished as runners-up on the night with thirty-eight points, while finishing with a first and gold, their first GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP on their first night out at Trivia Club... FREDDY BEACH! Sweeping the last four questions, Freddy Beach finished with 146 points!

Congratulations to Freddy Beach one more time, and thank you to everyone who joined in on a night when we had found ourselves as counter-programming to the NBA Finals! We will see again in TWO WEEKS on June 19th for the next edition of the Greatest Game Show in Canada, Trivia Club at Farside!
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