at The Rec Room: We Thought This Was Speed Dating, March 26th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 27, 2019

It was a wildly unpredictable night at The Rec Room Roundhouse for this edition of Trivia Club, our seventy-third at the Toronto flagship location! We were joined by first time teams, familiar faces from across Toronto, and returning teams both recent and again competing after some time away!

 Trivia Classic  came to a close with Cookiefaced once again holding an early lead on the field! They were helped by four points in the Royale and they needed every single point as they had a one point lead on the returning Really Makes U Think in second place. One point behind them in third place were the visiting Fuck Billy Zane, recent Golden VHS winners at Farside! Two points back from those who were against BZ were a trio of teams that rounded out the top half of the standings, with an untraditional Team Name mix tied with the returning solo Champeen also known as Dead on the Inside this night known as the Monster Reincarnation of Horatio Alger, as well as Rhymes with Regina who were making their first appearance at Trivia Club since making a big first appearance at the first half of our first anniversary Grand Championship at The Rec Room in September! Rounding out the field were Please Be Multiple Choice who were tied with Trivia Newton John (not to be confused with any other team under that name), followed by We Thought This Was Speed Dating (not to be confused with the ten other teams using that name either, including a prior Golden VHS winner), with Fuck Billy Zane's table mates Cheese Quiz, and The Minions rounding out the standings!

 Tri-Pardo  then had Please Be Multiple Choice role for eighteen points on the first question, while Team Name and the Monster Reincarnation of Horatio Alger both role for seventeen points on the second and third question respectively. All told fifty-three points were on the line in our second round at The Roundhouse! This proved especially dangerous for some teams, especially with the first question, whose razor thin margin for error saw Team Name and Rhymes with Regina take the biggest hit! Though the second question proved less dangerous for most teams, the third question also for seventeen points too away those seventeen gained on the second question by Fuck Billy Zane, Rhymes with Regina, and Cheese Quiz!

This brought us into the  Trivia Finale  question with Duck Billy Zane now in fourth place, Really Makes U Think in third place, and unheralded but oddly familiar We Thought This Was Speed Dating in second place just one point behind Trivia Newton John in first place! This meant that anything was possible, especially with a tricky final question! We Thought This Was Speed Dating left on point behind, while Trivia Newton John went all in!

When the dust settled, five teams would answer the Finale incorrectly and finishing as runners-up would be Really Makes U Think! Finishing in third, and Happy Birthday once again, were F**k Billy Zane! Scoring twenty-four points and finishing in fifth, Team Name became the first team to score more then 1,000 overall at The Rec Room! Winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS... though the second team to do so under the name, and the eleventh team to carry on the legacy of quick courtship... WE THOUGHT THIS WAS SPEED DATING!

They also break a reoccurring team win streak, and are the first team since November to win the Golden VHS on their first night out! Congrats once again to We Thought This Was Speed Dating, and thank you to everyone who came out to join in on Trivia Club at The Rec Room!

We will see you again NEXT TUESDAY for Russelmania Week, and the beginning of our Grand Championship Grand Prix celebration at The Rec Room! April 2nd!
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