at The Rec Room Roundhouse: All killa, No filla, March 19th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 20, 2019

It was a wonderfully unpredictable edition of Canada’s Greatest Game Show, as Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse brought forward its seventy-second edition to the upper-level of the Three10 restaurant once more! Would a new team reign supreme, would a past champion win another Golden VHS, or would a multi-time participant finally break through?

 Trivia Classic  would end with Cookiefaced in the lead over the field, on the night of their tenth appearance as well, holding a one point lead on newcomers Peter Northstars! Three points behind in third were All killa, No filla (a solo version of the team also known as Dead on the Inside) making their twelfth appearance! March Sadness, another team of newcomers, were in fourth place and just one point off of third, while fifth place belonged to Leaf Lovers! Rounding out the field were TEAM REKT just a point outside of the Top Five (top five top five), followed by Ugly Scorpians, GHAN, and visitors from across the border, Merry Land!

 Tri-Pardo  then brought a second round of trivia questions for even more points, as Merry Land rolled the first question for eleven points, TEAM REKT added another eight points on the second question, and March Sadness added another fourteen points! This meant that thirty-three points were on the line in Tri-Pardo! Hitting for the triple, fittingly enough, were three teams! Cookiefaced, Peter Northstars, and All killa, No filla all notched thirty-three extra points in the second round! This of course left Cookiefaced in the lead by one point over Peter Northstars, with All killa, No filla just four points off the lead! March Sadness weren’t too far off as well, having gained twenty-five points to be thirteen points away from first place!

In the  Trivia Finale , things truly went to another level unpredictability! In the blind wager, Peter Northstars went all-in, and this meant that they suddenly had the window to win because Cookiefaced left seventeen points on the board, while All killa, No filla left eight points behind! With the last question however, our new and especially game team made a misstep and in answering the question incorrectly Peter Northstars fell to fourth place to end the night! This meant that the night would come down to Cookiefaced and All killa, No filla! With just one point between these two regulars… finishing as runner-up would be Cookiefaced with eighty-seven points!

Winning on the night, just a week after losing because they hadn’t wagered well enough, but now FIRST-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS on their twelfth appearance with eighty-eight points… ALL KILLA, NO FILLA! Dead on the Inside’s “team captain” if you will, would have a lot to hold over his absent teammates after tonight! Ultimately though they hold the record for most appearances before a win at The Rec Room, Dead on the Inside, still reached the top faster then the likes of Last Place Team who had made twenty appearances, Treasure Butt who had made twenty-one appearances, and Trivial Knowledge who had made thirty-seven appearances, before winning their first Golden VHS!

Congrats once more to All killa, No filla, and thank you once again to all the excellent teams who came out to compete at The Rec Room Roundhouse! We will see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for more #TriviaTuesday at The Rec Room, March 26th!
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