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November 28, 2018

We played The Favourites to finish November at Hitch, by which I mean this week the 137th Trivia Club at Hitch was presented by Fox Searchlight's new film The Favourite! We saw both familiar faces, record setting teams, and new competitors as well!

 Trivia Classic  saw the Fighting Mongoose(s) make their 32nd consecutive appearance at Hitch, and 38th appearance overall in 2018, both more then any other team for the year and the first time in two years that Last Place Team hasn't held the Participation Award! One point behind the Mongoose(s) was Makin' Wookiee, also setting an appearance mark by passing the Trusty Rumpets for the most appearances by one team at Hitch with their 60th appearance! Six and a half points behind Wookiee, was a Tiny Tim's... alumni and partner going by the name Princess Consuelos Banana Hammock! They had two and a half points on Trivia Newton John, which featured an alum of all-time high score holders at Hitch, The West Virginia Losers Club! Rounding out the Top Five was familiar man of records, The Felt Tip!

 Game Show Games  saw Makin' Wookiee grab the TOP TEN in the Countdown Takedown, while the ten eluded all teams in Survey Says Wookiee would still grab another right points! This meant that the man behind the bar had taken a big step got on the Mongoose, who himself had picked up eight points combined for the two games! Finally in a returning Combo Breakdown, at Hitch, it was Trivia Newton John outlasting Makin' Wookiee for eleven points!

 Tri-Pardo  not only saw Makin' Wookiee in the lead, even with the Fighting Mongooses and Trivia Newton John not too far behind but also a late addition of Arnis of The Good Folks from Laramie to the Wookiee side! Trivia Newton John rolled for two points on the first question, while The Felt Tip rolled for sixteen points on the second question, and finally Princess Consuelos Banana Hammock rolled for eighteen points on the third question, giving the field a possible thirty-six points to play with. Getting the first question correct but the other two answers incorrect, Trivia Newton John would lose thirty-four points, the most of any team for the round. Making the biggest gain Makin' Wookiee, continuing a notable night on their sixtieth appearance!

This meant that heading into the  Trivia Finale , all Makin' Wookiee had to do was answer the final question correctly! The closest team to them, the Fighting Mongoose(s) had even hedged their bet and wagered half their points in case the field bottomed out... two teams would answer the Finale incorrectly as well, but they would not be the top teams before the Finale! Finishing as runner-up on the night, after a good fight would be the Fighting Mongooses!


Winning their TENTH GOLDEN VHS, becoming the 14th team in Trivia Club history to do so on the same night that they made their sixtieth appearance to become the all-time leader at Hitch... MAKIN' WOOKIEE!
 26/11/18 POINTS TABLE 
Trivia Newton John 24 2 6 11 -32 (20) 31
Princess Consuela Banana Hammocks 26.5 4 4 4 -20 (20) -1.5
Fighting Mongooses 34 6 2 4 14 (30) 90
Makin’ Wookiee 33 10 8 6 18 (75) 150
The Felt Tip 12.5 8 0 1 -2 (5) 14.5
Congrats to Neil, and thank you once again to everyone who came out to compete at Hitch this past Monday! Thank you as well to Fox Searchlight's new film The Favourite for sponsoring the night! We have one more Trivia Club at Hitch for 2018 in TWO WEEKS on December 10th!
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