at The Ace: Les Quizerables, August 22nd 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 23, 2018

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We returned to The Ace for the fourth Wednesday of August to close out the summer, with a night full of festivities, goodbyes for now, and the usual surprises that Trivia Club brings to our lo-fi late night location!

 Trivia Classic  came to a conclusion with Last Place Team once again returning as the record-setting 2 Fast 2 Curious, and leading the field by three points after the first round! Just three points behind were The Ace's ace team in The Simple Minds! Having won five Golden VHS in their first eight appearances in Roncesvalles, they had been unsuccessful in the last two events but had so far won one Golden VHS per month of activity at The Ace! If impressive consistency wasn't enough to play for, The Simple Minds were also saying good-bye to their defacto team captain as this was her last Trivia Club before life brought her back east! In the bottom half of the first round standings, Lama Rama were making their debut and were one and a half points ahead of another debuting team in Les Quizerables!

 Game Show Games  looked to shake up the field however, as The Simple Minds grabbed the first TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, while 2 Fast 2 Curious grabbed four points, meaning that The Simple Minds had taken the lead! The Simple Minds followed that up with eight points in Survey Says, while Les Quizerables grabbed the TOP TEN which along with eight points in the Takedown meant Les Quizerables had taken themselves from fourth to second, by one and a half points over 2 Fast 2 Curious, in the span of a couple of Game Show Games! 2 Fast 2 Curious were not 2 be denied however, as they proved to be the last team standing in Combo Breakdown, outlasting Lama Rama... but in doubling up their C-C-Combo they lost the five point bonus and ultimately walked away with an extra FOUR POINTS!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw Lama Rama choose the first category and roll twelve points for it, followed by a nineteen point roll by The Simple Minds for the second category, and finally a TWENTY point roll on the third try by Les Quizerables for the third category! This meant that fifty-one points were up for grabs... and they WERE indeed grabbed by The Simple Minds who nearly doubled their already plus-fifty score for an impressive 105 points before the Finale! Also taking the triple were Les Quizerables, more then doubling up for 95.5 before the Finale! This meant that both teams now had more points then 2 Fast 2 Curious who answered the second and third questions correctly for a still very solid 86 points in total, while Lama Rama also got the second and third questions correct, but answered the first incorrect by a third, and thus only added twenty-seven points for a total of 68!

In the  Trivia Finale  then, it was a test of will and luck, as Lama Rama and 2 Fast 2 Curious both went all-in for the last question, while The Simple Minds hedged their bet and left forty points on the board... which actually left them in danger of finishing third if all teams got the final question correct, because Les Quizerables were only leaving that half a point behind!

When the dust settled, The Simple Minds would for the first time go a calendar month without a Golden VHS but in this half-year their team captain had still left quite a Trivia Club legacy! Bravo! 2 Fast 2 Curious would be 2nd on the night, and 2 for 2 in terms of Sesquicentennial Marks at The Ace with 172 points in the runner-up spot. GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS on the night in their debut, yes first and gold, were LES QUIZERABLES with 190.5 points! Not only was this the second highest score for Trivia Club at The Ace, but the fourth highest score of 2018 so far!

 22/08/18 POINTS TABLE 
The Simple Minds 36 10 8 0 51 (65) 40
2 Fast 2 Curious 39 4 0 4 39 (86) 172
Les Quizerables 26.5 8 10 0 51 (95) 190.5
Lama Rama 28 6 4 3 27 (68) 0
Congrats once again to Les Quizerables! Thank you to everyone who came out to play Trivia Club at our lo-fi late night west-end location! We'll see you all again in a little bit more then a month from now on SEPTEMBER 26th, yes the fourth Wednesday of September! Remember it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!
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