at The Rec Room: Jays Reign!, July 24th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

July 25, 2018

When it rains, it pours... and just when you think one newcomer will join in on Trivia Club at The Rec Room we are joined by a wide selection of new faces along with familiar returning teams! Who would reign supreme by the end of the night? Would someone win their latest Golden VHS, or their first?!

 Trivia Classic  saw Thundergun Express lead the field after the first round, tied alongside Grease Is The Word! These two teams were in front of three other teams who were tied for third, making for a tight Top Five (top five, top five), with Hands Off Kevin!, Cardi Party, and Jays Reign! not far off of the lead! Just outside of the Top Five were We Are Only Here For Are Good Looks, Suck It Trebek, and Umbrella X! Finally, rounding out the field were Alex Tre-Bests returning to The Rec Room, after their days at Cardinal Rule, The Greys, friends of Suck It Trebek... Mashed Potatoes, and one point behind in the field of a dozen teams, I Thought This Was Speed Dating!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw Thundergun Express roll the first question for two points, which most teams answered correctly except for Mashed Potatoes and We Are Only Here For Are Good Looks, while I Thought This Was Speed Dating answered the question incorrectly! Next up was a much more dangerous fourteen point question, rolled by the Alex Tre-Bests, which saw the Tre-Bests gain fourteen points from, as did Jays Reign! and Umbrella X, while many other teams lost points on the question! Finally, in a nineteen point question rolled by Cardi Party, The Greys gained nineteen points, as did Mashed Potatoes and Thundergun Express! Mashed Potatoes made the biggest leap forward into second place, just ahead of Umbrella X, Alex Tre-Bests, and Thundergun Express! The team that had found themselves in the lead, and on Jay's birthday no less, were the team from Cheese Magic in Kensington... Jays Reign!

Going all in, all that Jays Reign! had to do was answer the  Trivia Finale  correctly... which they did! This meant that winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS... JAYS REIGN! They ended the night with sixty-two points, six points ahead of the runner-up on the night Umbrella X!

 24/07/18 POINTS TABLE 
Alex Tre-Bests 10 16 26 0 26
Suck It Trebek 12 2 14 20 -6
We Are Only Here For Are Good Looks 12 0 12 20 -8
Cardi Party 15 -12 3 20 23
The Greys 10 7 17 17 0
Jays Reign! 15 16 31 31 62
Thundergun Express 18 7 25 25 0
I Thought This Was Speed Dating 9 -35 -26 26 0
Mashed Potatoes 10 19 29 27 2
Umbrella X 12 16 28 28 56
Grease Is The Word! 18 2 20 20 40
Congrats to Jays Reign! and thank you to everyone who came out to the Three10 Restaurant in The Rec Room! Remember you can reserve, specifying for 'TRIVIA' on-line or over the phone, up to two weeks in advance, and the more people we have the better the chance for future Trivia Club in The Hall! See you NEXT TUESDAY for another edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room!
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