at The Rec Room: Kazamba, May 15th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 16, 2018

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After a week away it was a wonderful return to The Rec Room, as we were welcomed into the Three10 Restaurant to partake in Trivia Club for the THIRTIETH edition at The Roundhouse!

 Trivia Classic  saw not one but two teams hold the lead, as Prince Harry Balls shared the lead with Bunker Gang & Friends! Though the Bunker Gang & Friends fell off the lead, Prince Harry Balls grabbed the triple in  Tri-Pardo  for FORTY-FIVE points, while Kazamba also grabbed forty-five points to keep within six points of the lead! With all teams going all into, that meant that the  Trivia Finale  would be a dangerous case of literally all and nothing...

Outlasting the competition with their utter cleverness was the family of four, KAZAMBA who became GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS for the first time at The Rec Room, and it must also be said have given us two of the youngest Golden VHS winners in the history of Trivia Club! Thanks Mom! Anything is possible, at The Rec Room!

 24/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
4 the Win 14 26 40 40 0
Bunker Gang & Friends 15 -19 -4 20 -24
Kazamba 9 45 54 54 108
Urine Trouble 8 8 16 20 -4
Prince Harry Balls 15 45 60 60 0
Glitter Star 4 0 4 20 -16
We will see you again NEXT TUESDAY in THE HALL! Remember you can reserve your table at The Rec Room, and you should, just call The Rec Room or reserve your table on The Rec Room website! Don't forget to specify "TRIVIA"! Congrats once more to Kazamba, well done fam, and one more time thank you to everyone who came out to partake in Trivia Club!
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