at The Rec Room: Wreck Room Warriors, March 13th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 14, 2018

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 T his week at The Rec Room finally saw a return to The Hall! Yes, kids we returned to the Big Stage and didn't even need the Oscars to do it! Still, gold was given out… Rocky Horror Picture Gold! On the night, in the spotlight, a new Champion was crowned with a familiar face involved! Prizes were won by four different teams as well! Who would walk away with the Golden VHS prize, however?

 Trivia Classic  saw new faces in Spunky Monkey make a statement for some sweet sweet candy, while Team Scuzz weren't far behind in second for Mike & Ike's of their own! The Wreck Room Warriors, featuring a member of Team Name and friends, were a point back in third! Half a point behind those Warriors, also out to play, were three teams tied for fourth! Trivia Team #83 had a returning member, and they were tied up with the French Connection, and “Spring Forward”... My Ass! finished the trinity, with that last team being a new name for Better Late… and another team known as Better Late… but at Cardinal Rule, also were taking part, but this time as Compliment My Bow-Tie! Yes, worlds collided and The Rec Room team with the same name, both who are former Golden VHS Champs, had a three and a half point lead! Half a point behind in eighth were Queen’s Reunion, with South of the Border Spice rounding out the opening round field!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw a potential thirty-three points on the board, and though the potential was their it did indeed prove difficult for the teams involved! Spunky Monkey in fact lost the lead with a sixteen point knock in their debut outing, while Team Scuzz did not fair much easier thanks to an eleven point loss! Gaining five points were “Spring Forward”… My Ass!, French Connection, and Compliment My Bow-Tie, while the big swing and connection came from the Wreck Room Warriors who with their 22 point gain in round two took the lead into the Finale question!

Yes, with  Trivia Finale , it was the Wreck Room Warriors in the lead and then put 11.5 of their 44.5 points on the line, and this put them just out of reach as long and they were able to get that Finale correct! Easier said then done, but French Connection, Compliment My Bow-Tie, and “Spring Forward”… My Ass! all had the best chance to take the Golden VHS if the Warriors faltered, and in that order as well!

Luck, on this night, stayed on the side of the WRECK ROOM WARRIORS however, as they were one of two teams who would get the Finale question correct, winning their teams FIRST GOLDEN VHS at The Rec Room, though it wasn’t of course the first Golden VHS for that member of Team Name! Finishing as the runners-up on the night were “Spring Forward”… My Ass! with 43 points, just ten points behind the night's winners!

Congrats once more to the Wreck Room Warriors, we’ll get you to brand that team name appropriately next time! Thank you to everyone who took part in our return to The Hall, we hope you enjoyed! We know we did! Let The Rec Room know you love your Trivia Club, and in The Hall at that! Remember as well you can reserve tables two weeks in advance, and specify you’re reserving for “TRIVIA” as well! See you again on TUESDAY, MARCH 20th, once again in The Hall at The Rec Room!
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