at The Rec Room: I Look Like Vince Vaughn, March 20th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 21, 2018

For our final Trivia Club of March as we spring forward at The Rec Room, we returned to The Hall in all of our game show glory, bringing you three rounds of trivia goodness and a result that was unexpected every step along the way! Who would win the night, what prizes would they enjoy, and what would be our Golden VHS?! Ten teams took to the task to see what was what!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Versace Breakfast in the lead on the field, enjoying some sweet sweet candy! Second place, with candy of their own, were I Look Like Vince Vaughn! Just a point behind were the other half of their expansive group, Ninja Slippers, in this civil war! Three and a half points back in fourth were Run CMC & Jam Master J, and rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) just a point outside of the twenty point range, was Rockin' Roos! The top of the next five was the returning team name, but with all new faces, I Thought This Was Speed Dating?! (yes, now the sixth team to play under the name at The Rec Room), followed by Definitely Not Time Travellers from the Future just a half point behind! Saucy, Sassy, Not Classy returned for their second straight week of trivia for the eighth spot, followed by Vortex, and rounding out the first round field was Oscar Night contender Black Canary returning as Scarlet Witch!

We continued into round two, with  Tri-Pardo  at The Rec Room Roundhouse! Saucy, Sassy, Not Classy became the first team to roll a one on The Big Stage in The Hall and doing so on the first category, while Run CMC & Jam Master J rolled for fifteen points on the second category, and Rockin' Roos rounded things off with a nineteen point roll for the third category! This meant that yes, thirty-five points were up for grabs! Definitely Not Time Travellers from the Future took a big swing and grabbed the triple, bringing themselves into second place and ten points off the lead, while I Look Like Vince Vaughn grabbed thirty-four points, to put themselves into first place! Versace Breakfast grabbed sixteen points, but saw their standing slip to third, while the rest of the field toppled and turned! Ultimately it came down to not only the Finale wager, but answering the Finale correct!

In the  Trivia Finale , two teams were able to answer the final question correct... but after the twists and turns of Tri-Pardo, it would only be enough to put them within seven and three points of the win, respectively! Finishing in third with 36 points was the one woman bar team, Rockin' Roos! Runners-up on the night were Ninja Slippers with 40 points... but finishing with 43 points, and not with the correct Finale answer, but with enough points left on the table to weather the storm of the competition being able to answer the final question in time...

GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS on the night, and first time winners, I LOOK LIKE VINCE VAUGHN! They're so money, they don't even know it!

 20/03/18 POINTS TABLE 
Scarlet Witch 10 -19 -9 10 -19
Rockin’ Roos 19 -3 16 20 36
I Thought This Was Speed Dating!? 14.5 -4 10.5 20 -9.5
Vortex 11.5 -5 6.5 6.5 0
Definitely Not Time Travelers
 from the Future
14 35 49 49 0
Versace Breakfast 28 16 44 44 0
Run CMC & Jam Master J 20.5 14 34.5 34.5 0
Saucy, Sassy, Not Classy 12 -4 8 20 -12
Ninja Slippers 24 -4 20 20 40
I Look Like Vince Vaughn 25 34 59 16 43
Congrats to Vince Vaughn, who I Look Like one more time! Thank you to everyone who came out to compete for the first time, and who returned to play even more trivia at The Rec Room! Remember we'll be taking off this next week, but we'll be BACK IN TWO WEEKS on APRIL 3rd for the next edition of #TriviaTuesday goodness at The Rec Room Roundhouse!
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