at The Rec Room: The Brown Identity, February 6th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

February 07, 2018

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 S marty pants and brainy brains all came out to compete at The Rec Room for another night of #TriviaTuesday Club! With a returning team renamed, and other teams coming out to the Three10 restaurant in the Roundhouse we would see who would take home the Golden VHS!

Round one, our  Trivia Classic  round of thirteen questions, saw Neinstein with the lead! They would enjoy a whole host of candies, including a Aquaman Pez dispenser which we have to admit looked more like a Jesus Pez dispenser... and kinda wished it was, for that communion candy goodness. Also, the sacrilege. In second place after the first round, also enjoying some candy, were Jumanji, while Spanish In-Quiz-itions were third, The Brown Identity (returning for the first time since RR#004 when they competed as Exuberance of Youth) were fourth, and rounding out that first round Top Five (top five, top five) were Team Prego! A team of three to be! Aaaaw!

Round two is  Tri-Pardo  at The Rec Room, and it began with Jumanji rolling the first question for nine points, followed by Team Prego! rolling the second question for sixteen points, and finally The Brown Identity rolling the third question for eleven points! This meant that a total of thirty-six points were up for grabs! Neinstein would lose nine points, while The Brown Identity would gain nine, but lose eleven, in total losing two points! The Spanish In-Quiz-itions would take the biggest swing and lose the most points, with a twenty-seven point loss in round two!

This led to a  Finale  question in which all of our teams had the chance to play with some house money, but some of them were less then willing to go all in on the Finale. Jumanji found themselves with the most points, but they wagered the lead. The Brown Identity had fallen within a point of Team Prego! but had wagered to the maximum just as the expecting family had! In the end... that point was all that was needed!

Finishing just a single point ahead of the nearest competition, but with the third highest score at The Rec Room for Trivia Club in 2018, winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS on this second night of competition, THE BROWN IDENTITY!

 06/02/18 POINTS TABLE 
Neinstein 19.5 -9 10.5 20 -9.5
The Brown Identity 14 -2 12 20 32
Spanish In-Quiz-itions 18 -27 -9 10 1
Jumanji 17.5 0 17.5 2 19.5
Team Prego! 11 0 11 20 31
Congrats once again to The Brown Identity, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete, to answer, to question at The Rec Room! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY, February 13th at The Rec Room! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for any further details!
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