at The Rec Room: The Distractors, December 19th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 20, 2017

 W e were excited to round out our first calendar year at the biggest stage in town with the Greatest Game Show in Toronto! Yes, with two weeks between now and our return in 2018, it would be exciting to see who would win the 14th edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room, with the action once again located in the upper-half of the Three10 restaurant!

 Trivia Classic , our first round, saw the Leg-Up Program lead after the first round of trivia goodness! They held a point advantage on The Distractors, and both teams enjoyed some sweet sweet first round prizes! A point and a half behind them were I Think Tim Murphy Is Coming, and while they waited for Tim, five and a half points behind were We Thought This Was Jeopardy!, returning Golden VHS Champs! Also returning were Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don't, a point behind Jeopardy!, to round out the Top Five (top five, top five) while How the Grinch Stole Quizmas rounded out the field in sixth with a wonderfully competitive score of their own!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Rec Room, was next... with the field looking to see just what they would walk away with, along with the Golden VHS! How the Grinch Stole Quizmas rolled that first question for fourteen points, while We Thought This Was Jeopardy! rolled the second question for seventeen points, and The Distractors rolled the third question for twelve points! Yes, a potential forty-three points were up for grabs in Tri-Pardo! Making big steps towards the VHS were the second and third after the first round, with both The Distractors and I Think Tim Murphy Is Coming, hitting for the triple and gaining forty-three points! Also gaining big points were We Thought This Was Jeopardy! Holding back on the second question, and falling those seventeen points behind were the Leg-Up Program!

With those points established, it was now time for our third and  Trivia Finale  round! With hedging of bets here and there, it came down to the last question! The Distractors left two and a half points on the board, while Tim Murphy and co. left one point behind, and Quizmas left half a point on the board, while Our Couch Pulls Out... had six and a half points unwagered! And for that Finale, it proved tricky... felling half the field! The Finale Top Five (top five, top five) had I Think Tim Murphy Is Coming in that five spot, while Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don't finished in fourth! In third place were the Leg-Up Program, the runners-up on the night were We Thought This Was Jeopardy!

They however were unable to catch the winners on this night to win that second Golden VHS, so the final GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS of 2017 at The Rec Room... THE DISTRACTORS! Finishing with 174.5 points they also gained the second highest score in our run at The Rec Room so far! An ace night all around, for our second go around in as many weeks at the upper-half of the Three10 restaurant in The Rec Room!

 19/12/17 POINTS TABLE 
Leg-Up Program 46.5 26 72.5 72.5 145
I Think Tim Murphy Is Coming 44 43 87 86 1
The Distractors 45.5 43 88.5 86 174.5
Our Couch Pulls Out… 37.5 29 66.5 60 6.5
We Thought This Was Jeopardy! 38.5 43 81.5 81.5 163
How the Grinch Stole Quizmas 30.5 29 59.5 59 0.5
Congrats once again to The Distractors, and thank you again to everyone who came out and made it such an entertaining 2017 with The Rec Room, both on this Tuesday and every other Tuesday before! We'll be back in TWO WEEKS on January 2nd for more Trivia Club at The Rec Room! Keep an eye on our website, their website, and on Facebook for our upcoming events!
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