at Hitch: Red Rider + Leg Lamp, December 11th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 12, 2017

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 A t the penultimate event at Hitch for 2017, it was an intimate affair, but no less competitive as a  Trivial Award was rewarded in advance of the full event on Wednesday! Yes, between our bar team in Wookiee of the Year, our new regulars the Fighting Mongooses, and newcomers (on a first date!) Red Rider + Leg Lamp... it was a Golden VHS win to remember!

 11/12/17 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 39.5 4 8 1 15 (62.5) 5
Wookiee of the Year 47.5 6 10 11 42 (116) 0.5
Red Rider + Leg Lamp 29.5 8 2 3 8 (50.5) 101
Ultimately, even after an all-time night for Wookiee of the Year, they would fall at the  Finale , as would the Fighting Mongooses, and the night would see a First & Gold from the unheralded Red Rider + Leg Lamp! Yes, winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS, and jumping to the front of the pack on the Finale, RED RIDER + LEG LAMP!

Congrats to Red Rider + Leg Lamp once again, and thank you again to Wookiee of the Year and the Fighting Mongooses! Excellent fun everyone, we'll see you again NEXT MONDAY for the last Hitch Trivia Club for 2017!
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