at Cardinal Rule: Treasure Butt, August 9th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 10, 2017

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 I t was an intimate night at the Original Home of Trivia Club, with Cardinal Rule being co-presented not only by the fine folks at Steam Whistle but also the Lost Episode Festival Toronto! Yes, those in attendance were teams of Hustle and Desire, and even Trivial Award winners as such! Who would break on through in this crowd of consistently awesome folks?

After the first round of Trivia Classic, it was Treasure Butt in the lead! Yes, once again with an impressive first round of answers were the people's champs of Lou Dawgs Trivia Club! Though they took twenty-one appearances to win their first Golden VHS at our beer league of yor, they had actually won a Golden VHS in their first TWO appearances at Cardinal Rule! Two points behind them in second were a team that matched their appearance record before the first recorded gold, yes Last Place Team, who won their first Golden VHS at Cardinal Rule after twenty-one appearances! In third were Lt. Dance's very own More Like North Ko-razy (amiright?), with the field being wrapped up by the fine folks of Trivial Knowledge, the record-holders now in their own right, eclipsing both Last Place Team and Treasure Butt, with thirty-eight appearances before their first Golden VHS victory! Most excellently what all these teams did... was they kept on showing up, and we're glad they've had fun!

With Game Show Games in full swing, including this week's adapted rules, it was Treasure Butt who grabbed the TOP TEN to add to their lead, while eight points helped More Like North Ko-razy gain ground on Last Place Team, especially once the recent Threepeat team at Cardinal Rule were only able to add four points and thus slipped into third place. Treasure Butt then grabbed the eight points in Survey Says, while More Like North Ko-razy strengthened their second place spot, and the second top ten on the night proved all the more elusive! Finally, Game Show Games wrapped up on the night with Box Office Bulls-Eye, and though no team would hit the bulls-eye for ten, Treasure Butt did manage to add ANOTHER five points to their total, while Last Place Team also hit the five point mark!

With more then ten points on their nearest competition, Tri-Pardo played into the hands of Treasure Butt, as the first category rolled by Last Place Team was worth two points, the second category rolled by Trivial Knowledge was worth seven points, while the third category finally put some serious points into place with nineteen points up for grabs! Wouldn't you know it, Treasure Butt would be stumped on one and two, but would grab nineteen points on the third category! Trivial Knowledge would also grab an additional nineteen points from the third category! Last Place Team would gain points on their own presented category as well, yes, two good points!

So with the Finale, Treasure Butt did have room to maneuver, though only enough to give them the win if everyone got the Finale correct or everyone got the Finale incorrect, otherwise they needed to answer that last question correctly to ensure their win...

That they would! Though Last Place Team and Trivial Knowledge would both answer the Finale correctly, each gaining more then sixty points in the end, it would be TREASURE BUTT who would win the night and take home their FOURTH Golden VHS! It would prove to be their third Golden VHS in just ten appearances at Cardinal Rule, and their first victory at the Original Home of Trivia Club in one-hundred and twenty-five events!

Treasure Butt 22 10 8 5 19 (20) 84
More Like North Ko-razy 17 8 6 0 OUT (--) --
Last Place Team 20 4 0 5 2 (30) 61
Trivial Knowledge 9.5 6 0 0 19 (34.5) 69
Oh how time flies, but congratulations once again to Treasure Butt! Thank you as well to our always competitive regular teams that also joined us on the night! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for another edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule!

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