at Hitch: The Man with the Candy, May 1st 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 01, 2017

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 O n an intimate evening at our Limited Edition location on the East End if Toronto, three teams battled their Golden VCR hangover to see just what kind of trivia was waiting for them for a Golden VHS!

Anne of Green Gables was the one and the same VHS, and wouldn't you know it, we had quite the mix of new and returning faces at HitchLimited! Once Trivia Classic was in the books, it was the returning The Man with the Candy in the front running position! Our fourth VHS Champ in the history of Hitch competition, and a team that competed at our very first event, had a seven point lead on newcomers The Taco, who themselves had an right point lead on returning competitors from the prior event, AK-47! 47? I like 'em already!

Game Show Games gave a TOP TEN to The Man with the Candy, while the other teams were shutout of Countdown Takedown! Survey Says then saw The Man with the Candy win eight points, while AK-47 took the TOP TEN! Finally, in Combo Breakdown an unpredictable category left The Man with one point, and AK-47 with two, and the last team standing The Taco lost five combo points in a tough decision and also added two points of the potential seven!

This gave Tri-Pardo an added unpredictability, because even though The Man with the Candy still held a comfortable lead the questions proved far from comforting to the teams. Especially with a record 53 points up for grabs in Tri-Pardo! The first question was worth 16 points, the second question worth 20 points, after just the third crit rolled in the ico era and done so on this night by AK-47! The third question? 17 points! With big points up for grabs, big swings were taken by all three teams! The Man With the Candy lost 33 points, but before they had to worry, AK-47 had lost 37 points… and The Taco lost the 53 available points!

So going into the Finale, and The Man with the Candy with 14.5 points to there name, and a 20 point wager on the table… this meant for the first time in the history of Trivia Club, a team could win the Golden VHS with negative points. Of course, the other two teams needed to get the Finale incorrect for this to happen. Then again, The Taco had hit for a rare reverse triple in Tri-Pardo… so they did not let down there opponent with an incorrect answer! AK-47 also got the Finale incorrect, and finished as runners-up! One spot higher, though 31.5 points down from their debut finish two weeks ago.

THE MAN WITH THE CANDY would get the Finale correct, avoiding a negative points VHS! This would be their SECOND GOLDEN VHS as well! And since they were our fourth Champions at Hitch, it was their first win since October 28th, 2013! A record for time between wins.
AK-47 13.5 0 10 2 -37 (20) -31.5
The Taco 21.5 0 0 2 -53 (29.5) -59
The Man with the Candy 28.5 10 8 1 -33 (20) 34.5
Congrats to The Man with the Candy, and thank you to everyone who came it to make it such an intimate yet fun occasion! Huzzah! We'll see you all again in two weeks time on May 15th, 2017 for the next edition of our Limited Edition of Trivia Club at Hitch!

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