at Cardinal Rule: Last Place Team, May 3rd 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 04, 2017

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 I t was the beginning of a new season at Cardinal Rule, of Trivia Club, in Toronto! Yes, with our GCGP Finale over and done with last week (congrats to those Grand Champs, the Cunning Stunts) we spring into May with a refreshed group of teams battling that classic Grand Prix hangover, and simply showing up to Trivia Club for the first time or the first time in a while!

At the end of Trivia Classic, it was the Last Place Team making their 14th consecutive appearance of 2017, in first place! They held a five and a half point lead on Shelby & the Butts (the Shaym-Aliens sans a couple of familiar faces), and five and a half point behind them were TWO teams... Trivial Knowledge and El Jefe! El Jefe were making their third appearance at Trivia Club but their first in three years and four days! Yes, they last played when the Sexy Dumpster Teens had put their names on the Golden VCR. Newcomers MHS were in fifth, three and a half points behind the tied up pair, while fellow newcomers Free the Newbs rounded out the field!

It was a competitive Game Show Games that followed between these collected teams, with all but two teams going over on the Countdown Takedown! El Jefe grabbed the TOP TEN however, while MHS were awarded eight points! MHS then got the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while Last Place Team were awarded eight points, and Trivial Knowledge got six points! Finally, a slippery Combo Breakdown saw both El Jefe and Free the Newbs awarded a solid point, while MHS, Trivial Knowledge, and Shelby & the Butts were all awarded two points, and the last team standing proved to be Last Place Team with THIRTEEN POINTS!

We then shifted to Tri-Pardo, and that's when the night really changed for teams! Like on Monday, it proved to be an inviting yet dangerous trio of questions! Especially dangerous when the questions were worth a traditional forty-five points all together. Ten points for the first question, seventeen points for the second question, and eighteen points for the third question! Free the Newbs were freed from expectations when they lost forty-five points in the third round! Losing twenty-five a piece were Trivial Knowledge, and Shelby & the Butts! MHS lost eleven points! El Jefe were one of the two teams with a positive turn, grabbing seven points! While the Last Place Team, by name but not in position, grabbed an additional twenty-seven points!

Yes, after three strong rounds, Trivia Club's most consistent competitors were in the lead heading into the Finale! El Jefe were in second place, followed by MHS! With the wagering in place, Last Place Team could be caught, but only if they got the last question in correct...

They did not, they in fact were the only team to get the question correct... and in doing so, they not only passed the Sesquicentennial Mark with 157.5 points, LAST PLACE TEAM become EIGHT-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS! They pass Spartacus on the Cardinal Rule all-time list, and tie-up with The ||||| Redacted, and M. Night Shaym-Aliens, while overall they edge even with The ||||| Redacted, and Tiny Tim's...!
Last Place Team 39.5 0 8 13 27 (70) 157.5
El Jefe 28.5 10 0 1 7 (46.5) 0
MHS 25 8 10 2 -11 (34) 0
Trivial Knowledge 28.5 0 6 2 -25 (20) -8.5
Shelby & the Butts 34 0 0 2 -25 (20) -9
Free the Newbs 11.5 0 0 1 -45 (32.5) -65
Congrats to Last Place Team, and thank you to all those who came out to begin our sixth season of Trivia Club, and May the trivia be with you! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for the two-hundreth and thirteenth edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY! Every FRIDAY, a new episode of Trivia Club's Pause & Play podcast (a weekly portable piece of the Trivia Club experience) will be available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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