at Cardinal Rule: Cunning Stunts, February 15th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

February 17, 2017

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 I t was a wonderful return to Cardinal Rule for our 201st night of Trivia Club, which not only saw the return of Last Place Team and the Cunning Stunts, but also a range of newcomers, and even a face from the Trivial Awards' In Memoriam that we had not expected to return for a second Golden VHS! Yes, Trivia Club was BACK in full force!

After the first round of Trivia Classic, the Cunning Stunts had returned as Champions as garnered themselves the lead by a half a point over the Last Place Team... though both teams had an impressive lead over the rest of the field! In third were newcomers the Snowflakes, who were one point ahead of Moose Knuckles, and then points behind Snowflakes tied for fifth were Lt. Dance's very own wonderfully named Gravy Spice, and the returning Pretty Producer and partner known as the Bathurst Babes!

Game Show Games then began with a TOP TEN for Last Place Team in Countdown Takedown, while the Bathurst Babes garnered eight points, the Cunning Stunts six points, Snowflakes four points, and Gravy Spice AND Moose Knuckles went in on the same number for two points! Survey Says then saw the Bathurst Babes grab the TOP TEN answer off the bat, while Last Place Team grabbed eight points this time, and the Cunning Stunts grabbed another six points! Gravy Spice grabbed another two points, while the four point answer alluded the field with, what we'll call, the Butterfly effect! Finally in C-C-Combo Breakdown, the Bathurst Babes wrapped up an impressive second round against the field of regular forces and newcomers, with a FIFTEEN POINT Breakdown, that saw them outlasting Gravy Spice to be the last team standing!

For the first time ever, Tri-Pardo would exceed the traditional forty-five point trio of questions in this the new Ico Era of Trivia Club! All because of new faces as well! Yes, on the first roll by the Snowflakes it was an EIGHTEEN point question! On the second question selected by the Bathurst Babes the points shifted to fourteen! And on what was decided to be a single roll by Moose Knuckles for the third question... we had a NINETEEN POINT question! Combined, fifty-one points were available on the night if a team hit for the triple! In getting the third question correct, Last Place Team nabbed nineteen points, but in getting the second and third questions correct the Cunning Stunts regained the lead riiiight before the Finale question! Also grabbing 33 points were Gravy Spice, while the Snowflakes notched an additional 37 points with correct answers on the first and third questions! 

This led to a Finale question with all levels of wagering and possibility... though eventually came down to the Cunning Stunts and the Last Place Team, who had gone back and forth for the lead, round by round... and once it was all said and done with the last answer, the night's victors... and FIFTY-TWO TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS were the CUNNING STUNTS!
Last Place Team 49.5 10 8 3 19 (80) 169.5
Cunning Stunts 50 6 6 2 33 (97) 194
Bathurst Babes 24.5 8 10 15 -18 (39.5) 79
Snowflakes 34.5 4 0 1 37 (10) 66.5
Gravy Spice 24.5 2 2 4 33 (65.5) 0
Moose Knuckles 33.5 2 0 0 0 (35.5) 71
Yes repeating as Champs were the Stunts, congrats to them! And in notching 194 points, they were able to hold off the Last Place Team who were runners-up on the night even with a personal high score of 169.5 points! Well done, all around, and thank you of course to everyone who came out to participate at Cardinal Rule! We'll see you all NEXT WEDNESDAY, on Feburary 22nd for the 202nd Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule! TWOOOOOOOOs!
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