at Cardinal Rule: Trivial Knowledge, December 7th 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 08, 2016

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 F irst time teams win at Trivia Club every so often, and then they are never seen again. This happens from time to time. Rarely is it that we're lucky enough for teams who come out, and keep on coming out, even if they don't win. We're happy to make it a fun event, and a competitive community, as such that if at first you don't succeed... it's still a good night out. For SHARK it took nine bi-weekly appearances. For Alex Tre-Best, it took nineteen appearances (and then suddenly they were the Returning Champions). For Treasure Butt, it took twenty-one appearances before they finally won their first Golden VHS. For Last Place Team, it took twenty-two appearances... and now they're part of the Five Timers Club. Tonight... was the thirty-eighth appearance for Trivial Knowledge.

After the first round of Trivia Classic, the Death Stars had a single point lead on their closest competition! The Death Stars are actually one of those first time winners, thought to have been never seen again but in fact making their second appearance after winning on August 26th of 2015! Right behind them were the Occasional Champions, yes the Returning Champions with a potential heat check had modified their name, and they had a half a point up on the M Night Shaym-Aliens who on this might were more Mock Neck Shaym-Aliens (what? It was a cold night , and they're fashionable)! Last Place Team were four points back in fourth, while two and a half points back from them were Trivial Knowledge! Finally rounding out the field tied for sixth were Drinking Team With A Trivia Problem, and We Have No Idea What The Fuck We Are Doing!

Yes, it was a wonderfully competitive crowd out in full force, as we opened December at the Original Home of Trivia Club sponsored by Toronto’s Original Brewery Amsterdam Beer, as well as your new favorite sweet sponsor and mine The Candy Bar! Game Show Games began with Countdown Takedown, which wildly enough saw our top three teams go to the extremes of high and low, leaving the second and third place teams without points and Death Stars with two points, while We Have No Idea picked up the TOP TEN! WTF!

Trivial Knowledge then followed up eight points in the first Game Show Game with the TOP TEN in Survey Says! Also picking up points were the Drinking Team, the Mock Neck Shaym-Aliens, and We Have No Idea! This then led to a dramatic Combo Breakdown, in which We Have No Idea were the first to eliminated with two points for what they were doing. Trivial Knowledge were next out with four points. The Drinking Team were next out with five points, followed by the Occasional Champions (by a subtitle!) and the Mock Neck Shaym-Aliens with six points a piece! This left the Last Place Team and the Death Stars as the final two… with the last team standing for EIGHTEEN POINTS being the Death Stars! Ooo, they were looking to prove that there first time was not a fluke, but there was still one more round to go!

The Drinking Team With A Trivia Problem picked up the first question of Tri-Pardo for ten points, while our Last Place Team grabbed the twenty point question! Our other five competitors were able to get the first and third questions correct, giving thirty points to each other team… save for We Have No Idea who, getting the middle question incorrect, lost fifteen because of it but left the third round with fifteen points!

This meant that heading into the Finale, those returning Death Stars still had the lead by six points on Trivial Knowledge! Five and a half points behind Trivial Knowledge? The M. Night Shaym-Aliens! Wagering saw the M. Night Shaym-Aliens leave six on the board, while the Last Place Team left ten points.... and all other teams went ALL IN, well all except for our returning VHS winners from August 26th of 2015 the Death Stars... who only wagered two and a half points! This would prove to be their downfall, as ALL teams got the Finale correct, meaning the only teams the Death Stars would out score were the Drinking Team With A Trivia Problem! It's what you learn along the way, indeed.

So it took a little bit of luck, and a lot of quality trivia, but 1 year, 6 months, and 24 days after their first night of Trivia Club on May 13th 2015... a total of 38 appearances in the 80 events at Cardinal Rule since that time, CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN (I'm sorry, ahem) TRIVIAL KNOWLEDGE win their FIRST GOLDEN VHS!
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 21 0 4 6 30 (55) 116
Last Place Team 17 6 0 7 20 (40) 90
Drinking Team With
A Trivia Problem
10 4 8 5 10 (37) 74
Death Stars 22.5 2 0 18 30 (2.5) 75
We Have No Idea What
The Fuck We Are Doing
10 10 2 2 15 (39) 78
Trivial Knowledge 14.5 8 10 4 30 (66.5) 133
Occasional Champions 21.5 0 0 6 30 (57.5) 115

Congrats to Trivial Knowledge, who also set a new personal best score of 133 points! Thank you to all the other wonderful teams that came out and made it such a fun time at Cardinal Rule as well! There's a reason why we're so close to 200 events, it's because you make me want to be there with a bow-tie on every single Wednesday! Next week is the first annual TRIVIAL AWARDS, our holiday party spectacular! We'll see you then, at Cardinal Rule! The festivities start at 8PM, with trivia beginning at a familiar 8:30!

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