at Hitch: Trusty Rumpets, November 7th 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 08, 2016

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 W e were back on the east end of Toronto to not only enjoy another competitive night of the Greatest Game Show in T.O. with a host of great teams, but also to up the stakes we had not one but two great sponsors on the night! Paramount Pictures new film The Arrival gave away t-shirts and preview passes, and we also debuted a new reoccurring sponsor in The Candy Bar! Yes those wonderful folks, who can be found at 849 College St (near College and Ossington) supplied us with a wonderful array of sweet to give away to the nights winner! And WHO walked away as winners?

After the first round of Trivia Classic, it was The Trusty Rumpets in first place with a two point lead on their Hitchens Cup holding rivals, Tiny Tim's..., who on this night were known as Hirsute Heloise's Holy Hand-Held Holographic Hip Hop Hairsuit Heathen's Hegemony! Half point behind the H's were not one, but TWO TEAMS, the returning Quizzness Casual, and our returning Golden VHS winners hey dummy! Finally rounding out a tightly competitive field were the Little Kids Table, just five and a half points off the top spot in fifth!

Game Show Games, beginning with Countdown Takedown as it is want to do, saw the Little Kids Table get the TOP TEN on the first guess! hey dummy, those Trusty Rumpets, Tiny Tim's H's, and Quizzness Casual all also got points, and in that order! Then in Survey Says it was Hirsute Heloise's Holy Hand-Held Holographic Hip Hop Hairsuit Heathen's Hegemony with the TOP TEN grab, while the Trusty Rumpets picked up eight, and hey dummy, Little Kids Table, and Quizzness Casual rounded out the order! Finally it was Hirsute Heloise's Holy Hand-Held Holographic Hip Hop Hairsuit Heathen's Hegemony who outlasted the Trusty Rumpets, who picked up one point, and the rest of the field as the last team standing in Combo Breakdown, picking up THREE POINTS in the process!

Suffice to say, it was a close night of Trivia Club heading into the third round, and Tri-Pardo was not about to make things any easier on the competition! Little Kids Table picked up five points on the three questions, and fell to fifth before the Finale! Meanwhile Hirsute Heloise's Holy Hand-Held Holographic Hip Hop Hairsuit Heathen's Hegemony picked up twenty-five points, but were surpassed by the Trusty Rumpets thirty-five points! Ultimately though, they weren't along, they were in fact right in the middle of Quizzness Casual and hey dummy, with both teams picking up forty-five points, a feat which placed the returning Golden VHS champs hey dummy into first place! Then came a Finale that tested the metal of the teams involved... and with the slimmest of margin for error, hey dummy got the answer incorrect and fell from the VHS as two teams got the Finale correct, giving them the win on the night and the runner-up spot!

As runners-up Quizzness Casual finished an up and down night of Trivia Club that saw them almost fall away after a rough round of Game Show Games, before storming back... but it was the night of the TRUSTY RUMPETS to the tower of Golden VHS, as they won their TWENTY-FOURTH GOLDEN VHS! It was also the seventh time that the team crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark, finishing the night with 155 points!
hey dummy 25.5 8 6 0 45 (84.5) 0
Tiny Tim’s… 26 4 10 3 25 (66) 2
Trusty Rumpets 28 6 8 1 35 (77) 155
Quizzness Casual 25.5 2 2 0 45 (72.5) 147
Little Kids Table 22.5 10 4 0 5 (41.5) 0
Congrats once again to the Trusty Rumpets, who also gave their winning Candy Bar sweets ace grades with a hearty devouring of the well selected spoils of war! Thank you as well to all the excellent teams who came out to compete at Hitch and made it a great night as always. We'll see you again on November 21st, as we edge ever closer to the end of 2016! Remember, it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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