at Lou Dawg's: Cunning Stunts, August 16th 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 17, 2016

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It was a wildly competitive return to Lou Dawg's BBQ this past #TriviaTuesday, with as many as ten teams joining in to compete for the Golden VHS of the night (Spice World), including a mix of Lou Dawg's all-timers, competitive newcomers, and a surprise guest!

The Cunning Stunts, six days off of their 23rd Golden VHS at Cardinal Rule, took the led after the first round of Trivia Classic goodness and grabbed a picture of Lou Dawg's Lager for their trouble! In second were Lt. Dance, on the night known as A Penny Oleksiak for Your Thoughts, and just half a point behind them was the one man Electric Matthem! Remember, the last time the team known for their Mayhem Electric were heard from at Lou Dawg's Ryerson... it featured the first ever tie-breaker that came down to Sudden Victory, and saw them losing to Lt. Dance! The Electric Mayhem, for all their success at Cardinal Rule (32 Golden VHS Championships, the most at the location!) have only been victorious outside of Cardinal Rule as the Electric half of the Electric Bastards! This one man version of the Mayhem or Matthem, on the night, has however seen quite a lot of VHS victoriousness as a member of The Bastards however!

In fourth place after the first round, were newcomers Team TBD with seventeen points, with fellow newcomers The Spare Tires a point and a half behind them! Big Floppy Disks and PETE! were each a point behind in sixth! Rounding out the field were the bar team I H-O-P-ness and Moose Meat, in eighth and ninth, with Maranna putting in a good round of Trivia Classic but not sticking around!

Game Show Games saw a variety of unpredictable results and points abounding! Countdown Takedown saw the Cunning Stunts grab the FIFTEEN POINTS for nailing the correct answer directly, while the Spare Tires, I H-O-P-ness, Moose Meat, and Electric Matthem also picking up points! Then in Survey Says, Electric Matthem picked up the TOP TEN with the second to last pick for the non-sponsored stein of glory! Also picking up points were A Penny Oleksiak, as well as Big Floppy Disks, The Spare Tires, and Team TBD! Cunning Stunts also picked up points on a rare second Surveyed question! The new format of Combo Breakdown then saw A Penny Oleksiak and the I H-O-P-ness only grab one point, while the Cunning Stunts and Electric Mayhem fell at the two point mark, and Big Floppy Disks last till the third round of points, with Team TBD... leaving The Spare Tires as the last team standing to add FOURTEEN POINTS to their point total!

Heading into Tri-Pardo then, it was quite the interesting teams with some teams having ground to make up on the Cunning Stunts, while others like The Spare Tires were a scant nine points behind! In Tri-Pardo, the Electric Matthem fell five points back, while PETE! grabbed twenty-five points! The Spare Tires also lost five points from their total score, while the Big Floppy Disks grabbed fifteen, the Cunning Stunts grabbed twenty-five points... and suddenly Team TBD were making a surge with a sweep on the trio of questions for a forty-five point boost!

So as we made our way to the Finale question, the Cunning Stunts had only a two and a half point lead on the field! For the Finale, the blind wager was of course quite the mix of choices! The Cunning Stunts left half a point on the table, while Team TBD decided at the last second not to wager a single point! PETE! only wagered half a point, while Lt. Dance's A Penny Oleksiak for Your Thoughts of course put it all on the line!

Once the dust settled, we had a TIE... for runner-up that is, this week. The Spare Tires had brought themselves even with the equally competitive newcomers in Team TBD! And atop the field, where a familiar name... becoming the first team to not only make at least SIXTY APPEARANCES at TWO LOCATIONS... but also win at least TWENTY, yes TWENTY GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIPS at two different locations... THE CUNNING STUNTS! Woah!


All together it was their FORTY-SIXTH GOLDEN VHS on their one-hundred and thirty-fourth appearance! They even did so by crossing the Sesquicentennial Mark for the seventh time! So a lot of boxes to check off on the night, and against a great field of competition at Trivia Club's beer league, congrats you Cunning Stunts. Thank you to everyone who came out to compete at Lou Dawg's BBQ! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY!

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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