TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100: #5 - Aziz Ansari

March 16, 2015

We've come so far, and now we've finally reached the TOP FIVE of our inaugural Trivia Club Comedy 100! So now we're going to do things a little differently, and reveal each of the top five separately  because there is nothing about the TCC100 that hasn't been increasingly strung out. Kinda like Justin Beiber (BOOM, ROASTED)... number five is someone you can go and enjoy brand-new comedy from RIGHT NOW on Netflix, so go and enjoy his Live from Madison Square Garden special!

5. Aziz Ansari
Points: 890
Ballots: 11
Highest Vote: 1st (Hannah)
HANNAH: Dude sold out Madison Square Garden this year. That’s a good year! Only six comics have ever done that, Eddie Murphy, Andrew Dice Clay, Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Russell Peters and Kevin Hart. To be fair I only find two of those six comics to be all that funny, but still, not a bad crew to be rolling with.

Aziz is my boy. He’s so much my boy that one time I used one of his bits to deal with a gross dude post-break up. Aziz has this amazing bit where he talks about sending a dick pic to one of his female friends from an unknown number to see how she would react. When the conversation turns south he sends this string of texts: “I’m gonna save you in my phone as liquid nitrogen…because that’s how cold you are” “If you were in a barrel and someone dipped a banana in you and then dropped that banana on the ground it would shatter…That’s how cold you are” “If you were in a truck and that truck flipped over and spilled all over the T100 from terminator 2 he would harden …that’s how cold you are” I texted this exact same progression to a young man who I had felt particularly jilted by, he got really pissy with me, but it was totally worth it! Aziz vindicated me!

Check out this article from splitsider about the top six MSG sell outs! 

SARAH: Parks and Rec is truly a fount of charm. Aziz’s stand-up is consistently tight. While not my favourite comedian, I really respect his ambition and drive. (How often do you think Paul Schneider looks at the other Parks and Rec men’s careers and sighs really, really heavily to himself? Like every single day? Hourly?)

LEAH: Can’t lie. It took me years to come around to Aziz.  I had only seen him in those bit parts in bad comedies, were in my opinion, he was intolerable. Begrudgingly, I watched his stand up special Dangerously Delicious, and all was forgiven. All of a sudden I got it.  For anyone who knows what it is to want to be cool, and just know you are not. Aziz is your guy. You have no romantic game what so ever? Aziz feels you. Your proudest moments are shaming your preteen nephew? Aziz has been there. You try way to hard to seem like you are friends with Kanye. Aziz wrote the book on it. I think he is a great stand up, with energy in his delivery that is hard to match. Plus, the dude can order apps and zerts like nobodies business.

In THREE DAYS we'll unveil #4, in the TCC100, and I'll have to say that fourth spot might be the biggest surprise of them all! Watch for it!

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