TRIVIA CLUB COMEDY 100: #4 - Louis C.K.

March 19, 2015

I'm not even going to bother introducing number four on the #TCC100, because you're no doubt already working on your best argument against this list and will therefore justifiably be skipping the intro to better manage your rage-mail.

4. Louis C.K.
Points: 898
Ballots: 10
Highest Vote: 1st (Johnny, Leah, Kevin)

PATRICK: Earlier this year Louis C.K. was named GQ's Funniest Person Alive. The pop culture intelligentsia of Trivia Club, on the other hand, stopped short of bestowing Mr. C.K. with the same honour when it came to ranking the funniest entertainers of the past year. Nevertheless, this prolific stand up entertainer turned sitcom star turned internationally renowned comedic powerhouse has made 2014 a year to remember in the world of comedy.

RUSSEL: This has to be the most controversial result on the TCC100. Not because it’s fourth out of 100, Mark Forward would no doubt do some pretty outrageous things to get into the top five of the TCC100 (and yes, just specifically Mark Forward) no, the controvery is that LOUIS C.K. is fourth. No one got more first place votes this year then Louis C.K., and even I ranked him fourth, but I do under stand why he isn’t first.

Popular opinion has put C.K. as the funniest person alive since at LEAST 2010, because since he’s started releasing comedy specials at a yearly rate he’s been on a tear! An hour annually that has blown away the competition. Something shifted in 2014 though. And since this is a list to celebrate those in the comedy world who perform at the funniest of their capacity, let’s not dwell on the negative angle. If this was ANYONE else, I wouldn’t even be talking about it still, but it’s the elephant in the room. Or the Louis C.K. not even in the top three of the Comedy 100.

Yes, Louis has been unseated as the Funniest Person Alive. But that’s not to say that he hasn’t been exceptionally funny, he’s just mixed a much more personal and at times uncomfortable or tragic edge to his otherwise aggressively on point perspective. Oh My God blew us all away, in early 2013, and then Louis took something of a sabbatical, before returning with a season of Louie that was in turns both revelatory for C.K.’s narrative choices as a filmmaker and controversial for his choices as a storyteller. Which is all well and good, but not as traditionally HAHA as he was in years past. It’s complicated. This year he worked with Woody Allen along side Oscar nominees, was the literal butt of Bradley Cooper’s jokes in yet another Oscar nominated film, and lost his hold on the top of the comedy mountain. Can’t have everything.

LEAH: Is there anything more to say about C.K. than he is the closest our generation is ever going to get as far as a philosopher? I don’t think so… but i will elaborate anyway.  His comic genius lies in the way he honestly depicts the awkwardness and painful moments in life that we have all experienced.  The root of so many of our insecurities, that we don’t want to acknowledge or admit to, he has never been afraid to turn a spotlight on it and explore those dark places with genuine thought and comedy.

We'll be back in TWO DAYS with our number three entrant, in the Trivia Club Comedy 100! What can I say about her, without giving too much away? Oh no, I've said too much already!

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