Saturday Night Live Fantasy League: Season 39 Retrospective x SEASON 40 INVITATION

August 04, 2014

Remember how a FANTASY LEAGUE for SNL was a thing?!

It's still a thing! Trivia Club will be bringing that wonderful mash-up of comedy, sports, and maths back for another season of the sketch comedy institution on it's unprecedented 40th year. And in connection with promoting an OPEN INVITATION to all those who would like to take part in Season 40 of the Saturday Night Live Fantasy League, after seeing how much fun we all had last year, let's celebrate the winner of the inaugural season of play, the first name on the Phil Hartman Trophy... Matthew Smith, GM of The Ignorant Sluts!

Matthew Smith (with the Phil Hartman Trophy), pictured with Trivia Club's (bow-tied) host Russel Harder

Yes, as it has been noted in prior SNL Fantasy League posts, The Ignorant Sluts had a strong season anchored by Cecily Strong and team MVP Kate McKinnon. Though it was the season finale from SNL alum Andy Samberg that won the season, for a team that has already lost one of the names written on the trophy to the featured cast chopping block (though Milhiser DOES have an awesome Bruce Willis story). I won't get into details for the planned adaptations to Season 40, but suffice to say everything up to and including the finale has given us all ideas on what to add to and how to change Fantasy League SNL to make it all the more exciting!

OH and also, back to the Phil Hartman Trophy...

Almost as unfortunate as the choice of team name, was being contractually obligated to
award a trophy I lost on the LAST EPISODE (I'm totally a good loser, you guys)

As you can see, we were able to celebrate the event in person at Toronto's Cardinale Rule restaurant, the original home of Trivia Club... and the manager of The Ignorant Sluts was even able to take home not only that gorgeous Phil Hartman Trophy but ALSO, in the tradition of Trivia Club, a Golden VHS tape! A League of Their Own Golden VHS tape!  But seriously, lookit that Phil Hartman Trophy!

Enjoy the Season 39 Retrospective podcast from our Deep Thoughts podcast hosted by Rob Moden, featuring a wonderful collection of league members, if you haven't already! This seems like the best time to officially promote it.

And yes there is also an OPEN INVITATION to all those looking to compete in the SNL Fantasy League! Not only will the original league members compete in the planned Repertory League but we'll also have at least one Featured League for all your new shining happy faces! So let us know you want to play, and let us know your team name!

The Repertory League Draft will be held some time in late August or early September, and it is planned to be taped for the enjoyment of the listening public, while the Featured League Draft is still TBD but will no doubt adapt to those interesting in becoming involved in the league. More information will be added on the blog, our twitter and/or our facebook page within the next month. We look forward to having you around for our second season of SNL Fantasy League, just as much as we're personally looking forward to the fortieth season of Saturday Night Live!

For a refresher on the general rules, format, and run down of Saturday Night Live Fantasy League simply click the highlighted text. Though these things are set to be adapted and tweaked, they won't become unrecognizable. Any other question can be taken up with our lawyer...

We don't NEED a lawyer, we just need any excuse to throw it to the Unfrozen Caveman.

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club in Toronto at Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY, at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every SECOND and FOURTH MONDAY of the month, Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave) on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month, and Lou Dawg's (76 Gerrard St E) on every other TUESDAY!

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