at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Cookiefaced, March 10th 2020 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 12, 2020

For our return to Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse we saw not only the return of regular faces to the Three10 restaurant space, but also a team from year one of trivia, and an excellent collection of first time faces! We were also happy to award tickets to go see an early screening on this night, to A Quiet Place II!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Cookiefaced in the lead against the field, and on this night Cookiefaced were making their eighteenth consecutive appearance since October of last year which gives them the fifth longest appearance streak all-time at Trivia Club, just two behind The Bastards twenty consecutive appearances at Lou Dawgs for fourth all-time, but still forty behind The Fighting Mongooses fifty-eight all-time consecutive appearances at Hitch! Just one point behind Cookiefaced were The Questionables, who were making there first appearance since winning the Socratic Shield at the Trivial Awards! In third place, three points behind second place, was Self-Quarantined who was better known as Dead on the Inside… another Trivial Award winner (he won for Team/Player), making their first appearance since the Awards! In fourth place, two and a half points away from the Team/Player were Trivial Pursuits, with a half point lead on fellow newcomers Team Hedgehog! Making their return in sixth place, for the first time in almost two years were Grey Matter, followed by DTB to round out the field!

 Game Show Games  then proved spread out enough to have the field write down their answers on their sheets, which meant the potential for more points to go around! Cookiefaced were able to grab the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, while Grey Matter grabbed eight points, Trivial Pursuits picked up six points, The Questionables took four points, and Self-Quarantined made a couple of quality points! Then in Survey Says it was smart answer for all teams, as the FIELD got EIGHT POINTS!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw the categories chosen and rolled for thirty-six total points! Hitting for the triple and gaining those thirty-six points were Cookiefaced, Grey Matter, Self-Quarantined, and Trivial Pursuits! DTB lost six points, while The Questionables gained twenty-one! This meant that The Questionables slipped behind both Grey Matter and Self-Quarantined in the fight to catch Cookiefaced, and Dead on the Inside’s Self-Quarantined held a one point advantage on second place! Wagering for the Trivia Finale then saw a diverse selection of points on the board! Only DTB went truly all-in, while Trivial Pursuits left fifteen on the board, The Questionables wagered thirty-five, Grey Matter wagered only eight, and Self-Quarantined and Cookiefaced each only left one behind!

Once the dust settled on the last question, it was Self-Quarantined finishing the night as the runner-up with 127 points on the night! Winning their EIGHTEENTH GOLDEN VHS on their eighteenth consecutive appearance, tying them with The Questionables as the all-time winners at The Rec Room, boosted by 151 points on the night and six wins in the eight events just in 2020 alone… COOKIEFACED!

Congrats to Cookiefaced, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete at The Rec Room Roundhouse this past Tuesday! We’ll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for the St. Patrick’s Day Edition of Trivia Club! It’s that same gold-fueled Trivia Club you know and love just greener around the gills! Speaking of which, if you're at all feeling unwell please remember to stay home, rest up, and take good care of yourself! Doing so will take good care of everyone else.
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