at Farside: Vampire Weekend at Bernie's, December 18th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 20, 2019

With our monthly schedule to close our year at Farside it both felt like we hadn't enjoyed enough Trivia Club at the Friendly Neighborhood 'side this fall, and that our next edition would be TOO FAR AWAY! Well fear not, it was another memorable edition of Canada's Greatest Game Show, juuust west of Broadview and Gerrard and though this was the final trivia night at Farside for 2019, we would be back in early January of 2020!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with the Cunning Stunts in the lead, on their 196th appearance at Trivia Club! A point and a half behind them in second place after the first round were Vampire Weekend at Bernie's! This wonderfully named group saw Sean and Emily of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens bring together a family filled team to compete at Farside! Five points away from the Vamps were 2 Fast 2 Curious, looking to defend their Championship from November! Two and a half points behind in fourth place were The Beliebers, with Farside regulars Rugrats rounding out the Top Five (top five top five) a point behind them and in sixth place just a half point back, SKSKSK anniopp hydroflask collective! Yes, it was a tight field from third to sixth with just four points separating the four teams!

 Game Show Games  then saw not one but two teams grab the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, with both 2 Fast 2 Curious and Vampire Weekend at Bernie's gaining big on the rest of the field and moving past Cunning Stunts as a result. Then in Survey Says it was Beliebers who grabbed the TOP TEN, to gain a foothold in the field, while Vampire Weekend at Bernie's added to their second round lead, SKSKSK anniopp hydroflask collective picked up six, and 2 Fast 2 Curious gained four points!

Heading into our third round of  Tri-Pardo  this meant that the Cunning Stunts who were left pointless in round two had lost their advantage to Vampire Weekend at Bernie's, while 2 Fast 2 Curious had also gained an advantage, and The Beliebers were now tied with the Cunning Stunts! 2 Fast 2 Curious chose the first category and rolled for sixteen, while the Cunning Stunts chose the second category and their newest team member impressively rolled a one, and finally SKSKSK anniopp hydroflask collective chose the third category and rolled a seventeen! This meant that thirty-four points were on the line but stakes were decidedly lower for the center question. Still the Cunning Stunts hit for the triple and gained thirty-four points! Both Vampire Weekend at Bernie's and SKSKSK anniopp hydroflask collective gained thirty-two points from answering the first and third questions correctly but the second incorrectly, meaning that the Cunning Stunts had infact lost their advantage on their own roll! Gaining sixteen points on the first question, falling off the pace in the third was Farside's reigning Champs, 2 Fast 2 Curious!

This meant that in the  Trivia Finale  the advantage was in Vampire Weekend at Bernie's court, but with everyone going all-in on the final wager and no point being left behind, it came down to one last question to end 2019! With the answers in, all teams answered correctly... and this meant that 2 Fast 2 Curious finished in fourth with 122 points, SKSKSK anniopp hydroflask collective finished in third with 130 points, and the Cunning Stunts were runners-up with 145 points!

Winning their first GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP at Farside collectively, though not the first for some members of the teams, were VAMPIRE WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S! Congrats to these team members of M. Night Shaym-Aliens, who finished the night with an impressive 172 points to bring a new but familiar end of the year to the Friendly Neighbourhood 'side!

Thank you to everyone who came out to compete at Farside, both this past Wednesday and during all of 2019! It was wonderful fun to find more of a home in the warm confines of our favorite bar just west of Gerrard and Broadview! We'll see you again in 2020, in early January!
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