at The Rec Room Roundhouse: The Questionables, July 2nd 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

July 03, 2019

This past Tuesday at The Rec Room Roundhouse, just the just fifth team in the history of Trivia Club attained the sixth THREEPEAT victory! As we like to say on the Threepeat section of our website, one Golden VHS victory is an impressive achievement and in more then 700 events a repeat win has been enough of a rarity. In fact repeat winners had only happened twice at The Roundhouse, at the beginning of June, with Dead on the Inside winning the 81st and 82nd events, and The Questionables blocking the Inside attempt at a Threepeat by winning the 83rd event before following it up with a repeat win of their own on the 84th event! So a THREEPEAT… well…

The 85th event saw  Trivia Classic  end with The Questionables holding a five and a half point lead over To Infinity and Your Mom! (Dead on the Inside, on this night) and with newcomers Smarty Pints two points behind Dead on the Inside’s solo team, with Kung Fu Pandas rounding out the field! The Questionables followed up their early lead with a TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, our first  Game Show Game  of round two, with Smarty Pints also grabbing the TOP TEN in the first game! The Questionables only added onto their lead with the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while To Infinity and Your Mom! nabbed eight points to keep close!

 Tri-Pardo , our round three at The Rec Room, then saw The Questionables choose the first category and roll for nineteen points, while Smarty Pints rolled fourteen points on the second category, and To Infinity and Your Mom! closed things off with another nineteen point roll on the third category! This meant a big fifty-two points were on the table for round three! The Questionables gained nineteen points on the third question but a first name incorrectly remembered on the first question wiped out those points! With that window open, To Infinity and Your Mom! gained nineteen points from the first and third questions, gaining thirty-eight points and the lead! In fact with a nineteen points on the first question, Smarty Pints had also moved ahead of The Questionables and into second place before the Finale!

This had put The Questionables in a tough position before the  Trivia Finale , if they hoped to threepeat! Having gone all-in minus one, the team formerly known (with love) as Suck It Trebek would not only have to be correct they would have to be lucky! With Smarty Pints wagering only twelve points, they were taken out of the equation if everyone was correct… but only one team got that final question! The Finale knocked out To Infinity and Your Mom!, who ended the night with three points and unfortunately would be unable to end a potential threepeat just as Dead on the Inside’s had been in mid-June! Smarty Pints would also answer incorrectly and remain in the runner-up spot on the night with forty points!

Winning their ELEVENTH GOLDEN VHS… THE QUESTIONABLES were both correct and lucky on this night, finishing the night with 88 points and becoming the first team at The Rec Room to threepeat, just the FIFTH TEAM to ever do so at Trivia Club for the SIXTH TIME! They join the Cunning Stunts, Electric Mayhem, The Good Folks from Laramie Cigaretttes, and Last Place Team who would later go on to become the first team to repeat as a threepeat team and do so in a post-Cardinal Rule Trivia Club world as 2 Fast 2 Curious! It had been a wild and unexpected threepeat for the house team at The Rec Room Roundhouse, as they had won their ninth Golden VHS at our eighty-third event in The Roundhouse when the M. Night Shaym-Aliens (who have participated in all but one of the six threepeat runs now) underwagered in the Finale which also ended Dead on the Inside’s first hopes at a Threepeat, and this was followed up with a wire to wire win against fellow regular competitors Cookiefaced and Dead on the Inside at our eighty-fourth event, and finally just when it looked like the victory had slipped away from them at event number eighty-five The Questionables found the victory on the other end of the Finale for the THREEPEAT! You can’t plan for these things, so just come on out for Trivia Club, and enjoy yourself… and hey, you never know!

Congrats to The Questionables once again, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room Roundhouse to take part in Trivia Club Tuesday, especially after a Canada Day long weekend! Enjoy this lovely weather! We’ll see you again on July 9th as Trivia Club continues into the summer!

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