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February 13, 2019

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One and all, this past Monday saw the return of the Trivial Awards, for the third annual celebration of all of our participants, with an awards show within the Greatest Game Show in Ontario! The Trivial Awards, because every award show is trivial so why not be upfront with it, take place on Monday in the east-end at our longest running current location, at the Black Label location, Hitch Limited! This was a long awaited chance as well to celebrate more teams then ever before in the east! Speaking of long awaited, for the first time we waited until the new year to celebrate the year that was, as well! In trading off scheduling around the holidays, we've only had to schedule around snow days. Who would be awarded what, in an all-new look for the Awards, and which team would join The Electric Bastards and David Bowie's Corporate Whores as Golden VHS at the Trivial Awards?
 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Not One, Not Two, Not Three, Not Five... Four Gregs in the lead! This version of Smartly Pretty, Matt and Pat's award-winning #TeenGirlSquadGoals, in fact had a ten point lead on the nearest competition the returning Champs from the month before and Socratic Shield winners the Fighting Mongooses! The Mongooses, Newcomers of the Year for 2017 at last year's Trivial Awards, had a three point lead on the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! It felt like it was set to be a high scoring night, and the Shaym-Aliens were no strangers to high scores because they won the award for it in 2018! In a strong fourth place, just a half point off from 30, was the Comeback of the Year, with recent pup trivia winner at Black Lab Brewing, The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes! Adding to these first round scores was in fact the first In Memorium in award show history that was worth points (if you don't count the applause-o-meter worth points) when after the Royale, teams answered questions they wish had stayed dead as we looked back at eleven notable stumpers of 2018!

 Game Show Games  then looked to give other teams a chance to catch Four Gregs, while also giving Matt & Pat a chance to place themselves amoungst some all-time high scores! Wookiee of the Year, our Team/Player for 2018, after not only his excellent play but also amazing service behind the bar at Hitch, joined us for the second round and gained the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown! Wookiee then followed that up with the TOP TEN in Survey Says, to squarely place themselves on the board! In those first two games, The Good Folks had grabbed four points, while the Shaym-Aliens had gained ten points total, and the Four Gregs and Fighting Mongooses had both grabbed twelve points a piece. Then in Combo Breakdown it would ultimately prove a showdown between the M. Night Shaym-Aliens and Four Gregs... with the SHAYM-ALIENS being the last team standing for FOURTEEN POINTS!

With that end to round two, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens had come within just a handful of points of Four Gregs, and surpassed the Fighting Mongooses! Though the night was far from over because it was time for round three,  Tri-Pardo ! The Shaym-Aliens rolled the first question for sixteen points, while the Fighting Mongooses rolled the second question for TWENTY points, finally Four Gregs rolled the third question for another sixteen points! This meant that fifty-two points were up for grabs! Which wouldn't top the all-time high score for any team, or the all-time at Hitch, but could certainly put teams on the Top Five or Top Ten at Hitch and/or All of Trivia Club! Wookiee of the Year would add sixteen points from the first question, while both The Good Folks and the M. Night would add thirty-six points a piece from the first and second questions! Finally, not just the Fighting Mongooses but also Four Gregs would hit the triple and add all fifty-two points to their total!

This led to a series of wagers from the field, with the field in turn hoping for luck to fall in their favor against the lead team... but it was not to be on this night! Answering the last question correct and gaining 232 points in total, a new personal best for the duo, the second highest score in the history of Trivia Club at Hitch, and ninth highest score all-time at Trivia Club... winning their SIXTH GOLDEN VHS... Matt & Pat, Smartly Pretty, NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOT THREE, NOT FIVE... FOUR GREGS!

 11/02/19 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 38 4 8 0 52 (98) 200
Not One, Not Two,
Not Three, Not Five… Four Gregs
48 6 6 4 52 (116) 232
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 35 8 2 14 36 (5) 90
Good Folks from
Laramie Cigarettes
29.5 4 0 2 36 (4.5) 76
Wookiee of the Year -- 10 10 2 16 (38) 76
Yes, on the night that they won the award for Artistic Direction in Team Naming for the 2018 Trivial Awards, congrats to Four Gregs on also winning that Golden VHS at the Trivial Awards! It is the second Trivial Award VHS for both Matt and Pat, who both won as part of The Electric Bastards in 2016! The Fighting Mongooses were runners-up on the night, with 200 points, the third time that they've crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark with a mark that tied their personal best high score! Thank you thank you thank you to all the wonderful, award-winning teams that braved the weather and enjoyed our third annual award show, thank you to Hitch for finally hosting the Trivial Awards as well! We'll see you in TWO WEEKS on February 25th for the next edition of Trivia Club at Hitch!
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