at The Ace: Cunning Stunt(s), April 11th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 12, 2018

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It proved a back and forth night on our return to The Ace, our lo-fi late night edition of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto brought to you by Woodhouse Brewery! Not only did we see teams travel from east to west, but also returning champions and exceptional firsts! Not only that, but the night was also the second leg of our six-part Grand Championship Grand Prix for the Golden VCR!

 Trivia Classic   ended after our first round of questions and answers came to a close with the Trivia Royale, a Royale that saw the Fighting Mongooses take the biggest swing that gave them an eight point lead on their nearest competition The Simple Minds! Yes, the Hitch Champions from this past Monday were going head-to-head with the returning Champs at The Ace! Three points off of second in third place, for the first time back in the west, was the Cunning Stunt! Yes, it was Mark P. going PETE! on the night, playing the role of a Good Folk, or as he likes to call it Starmanning! Starman was the first solo competitor at Trivia Club, you see, and finished third on the seventh edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule in October of 2012! Speaking of 2012, the night was also our nominal Anniversary Night, just two days short of Trivia Club's SIXTH ANNIVERSARY in Toronto! Rounding out the first round field were Practicing for Cash Cab in fourth, with Bech's 1998 and The Europeans tied in the fifth spot!

Our second round on this third night at The Ace, was naturally   Game Show Games , and in Countdown Takedown it was Bech's 1998 surprising the field with the first TOP TEN! Cunning Stunts picked up eight points, while Practicing for Cash Cab grabbed six points, the Fighting Mongooses took four points for themselves, and The Simple Minds nabbed two points! Then in Survey Says it was Practicing for Cash Cab with the TOP TEN answer, while Fighting Mongooses nabbed the eight point answer, The Europeans refused to be left pointless with six points, and The Simple Minds took four points for themselves! Finally it was a back and forth Combo Breakdown, which saw the Cunning Stunts take seven points, while the Fighting Mongooses took NINE points, and The Simple Minds making a biiiig stand to defend their Golden VHS with a NINETEEN POINT Combo!

This brought The Simple Minds within four points of the Fighting Mongooses, 47 to 51, heading into round three  Tri-Pardo ! Practicing for Cash Cab rolled thirteen for the first question, while the Fighting Mongooses rolled eleven points for the second question, and The Simple Minds rolled twelve points for the third question, giving round three a potential thirty-six points to be won or lost! Practicing for Cash Cab would gain twelve points on the third question, but that would only help slow the pain of losing twenty-four on the first and second question, for an accumulated twelve point loss! Conversely, gaining twenty-five points on the first and third question would be the Cunning Stunts, as well as the Fighting Mongooses and The Simple Minds!

This meant, heading into the  Finale  question, the Fighting Mongooses had maintained their four point lead on The Simple Minds, while the Cunning Stunt had still kept himself in the game if still seventeen points off the lead! It would all come down to the trick of wagering well and answering correctly... that ol' chest nut! The Simple Minds had in fact wagered well enough two weeks prior, going more then all-in, and were the top team after being the only team to answer correctly! This night, The Simple Minds wagered fifteen of their seventy-two points however! With slightly more on the table, the Fighting Mongooses put slightly more on the line, by wagering twenty-five of their seventy-six points! Finally, with fifty-nine points, and maybe with a little bit of luck along the way to go with his veteran wiles (even multiplied together the appearances by The Simple Minds and the Fighting Mongooses don't match those of the Cunning Stunt), the Cunning Stunt went all-in!

It was a question that proved attainable to four-fifth of the remaining field, and that meant that finishing in third place on their third appearance were The Simple Minds! Runners-up on the night, marking it the third location that they had seen second place, were the Fighting Mongooses! And Champions on the night...

Making it the SIXTY-SEVENTH GOLDEN VHS for the CUNNING STUNTS, the first solo win for Mark P. of the Cunning Stunts on nearly the sixth anniversary of not only Trivia Club but also two days short of six years of the first night that Mark came out to his first Trivia Club event as a member of Team Equipe! Mark becomes the FIFTH solo victor at a Trivia Club event and the first at The Ace, joining PETE!, Shiny Happy Chernobyl at Lou Dawgs, The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes at Hitch and Farside, and Lt. Dance at Hitch #100! And it all came about, as the Cunning Stunt shot from third to first on the Finale!

 11/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 30 4 8 9 25 (25) 101
The Simple Minds 22 2 4 19 25 (15) 87
The Europeans 3 0 6 0 0 (19) 28
Practicing for Cash Cab 16 6 10 4 -12 (24) 0
Cunning Stunt 19 8 0 7 25 (59) 118
Congrats once more to that Cunning Stunt, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Ace and continue to make it a special late night event in the Trivia Club calendar! With the runner-up finish, the Fighting Mongooses built on their early lead in the GCGP VI, while the reigning Golden VCR Champions the Cunning Stunts put up a strong six to keep those Mongooses from getting too confident! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS time on April 25th, potentially with a surprise from trivia nights prior at The Ace!
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