at The Ace: Thursday Morning's Regret, March 14th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 15, 2018

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 L adies and gentlemen, it was our pleasure to return to Roncesvalles this Wednesday for the first time since December, and not only that but find a new home for Trivia Club on the west-end where it all started, at The Ace! The Ace itself, with it's retro beauty and warm cozy charm hadn't been home to trivia since Trivia Club's first year of operations in 2012 when Kevin Murphy ran a short but memorable rival night to Trivia Club's early events at Cardinal Rule! What a difference five, going on six years, makes! Thank you to The Ace for having us, and thank you to everyone who supported us in making this possible. Remember that space is limited at this twice monthly location, so reserve if you can but be mindful of arriving early and even enjoying dinner before Trivia Club on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month in Roncesvalles!

This premiere event at The Ace, was brought to you by Wes Anderson's new film Isle of Dogs out in theaters this Friday! After the first round of  Trivia Classic , it was the Unusual Suspects making their first appearance away from Cardinal Rule in their long history with Trivia Club, and holding a lead on the field! Only three and a half points behind were Mouse Heads, a selection of members from Chillasaurus, yes the seventh last VHS Champs at our Original Home! At The Ace they were now two separate teams, with the two other members of the Blood Tide winners in fourth, in this now entertaining civil war, as Thursday Morning's Regret! Half a point ahead of the Regret, and also at the bar, in third were The Simple Minds! Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) were Ladies C.K., followed by HillBil rounding out the field!

 Game Show Games  began, as it traditionally does, with Countdown Takedown... with the first TOP TEN at The Ace being won by Thursday Morning's Regret! The Unusual Suspects grabbed eight points, while The Simple Minds nabbed six points, and Ladies C.K. took four points for their own. Then in Survey Says, Thursday Morning's Regret doubled down with another TOP TEN, with The Simple Minds grabbing a second six point answer, while the Unusual Suspects nabbed four points. The impressive one/two had put Thursday Morning's Regret within two points of the lead, but the lead still belonged to the Unusual Suspects heading into Combo Breakdown. The Unusual Suspects would outlast the field, with SIXTEEN POINTS to their name and their lead re-solidified for now, while The Simple Minds at the bar would gain five points and also gain some much needed ground on Thursday Morning's Regret for the second place spot to close out round two!

In round three, our  Tri-Pardo  round, we would see Thursday Morning's Regret be responsible for another first at The Ace, picking the first Tri-Pardo category and rolling it for six points, while The Unusual Suspects picked the second category and rolled nineteen points, followed by Mouse Heads choosing the third category and rolling the first TWENTY POINT QUESTION at our new home on the west end! This meant that a traditional forty-five points were up for grabs for the third round, a wonderful way to start things off at The Ace! HillBil would be the team to lose points on the second question, though steadied the damage with a correct answer for the first question. Answering the first two questions correctly, but answering the third question incorrectly, and thus losing some ground were Ladies C.K. and Mouse Heads! Finally, gaining twenty-five points each and separating from the other half of the room before our Finale, were The Unusual Suspects, Thursday Morning's Regret, and The Simple Minds!

The  Finale  at The Ace saw a number of interesting wagers, with The Simple Minds giving themselves the best chance to win if it was indeed a stumper of a question across the board, while HillBil were fighting to finish in the positive, and a mix of possible finishes between our top three teams... with of course The Unusual Suspects being in that Ace position, as long as they could answer the last question correctly! Luckily for Thursday Morning's Regret they had not only wagered enough to still beat The Simple Minds if their bar mates had gone all-in on the Finale (which they hadn't), but with both knowledge and luck... everything that needed to happen, happened for our former Golden VHS Champions! Finishing as runners-up at our premiere event at The Ace were The Simple Minds, and further down the bar, our debut CHAMPS...

Winning their second Golden VHS Championship overall, and the FIRST GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP at The Ace, THURSDAY MORNING'S REGRET! Yes, no regrets here, as even separated from their former Championship teammates they took the title for themselves! They walked away with some wonderful Isle of Dogs swag, as well as The Empire Strikes Back in pure Golden VHS form, making it the second Golden VHS featuring James Earl Jones that they had won!

 05/03/18 POINTS TABLE 
Unusual Suspects 30.5 8 4 16 25 (80) 3.5
Thursday Morning’s Regret 20.5 10 10 1 25 (60) 126.5
Mouse Heads 27 0 0 1 5 (30) 63
The Simple Minds 21 6 6 5 25 (15) 78
Ladies C.K. 16 4 0 1 5 (26) 0
HillBil 7 0 0 1 -13 (20) 15

Congrats to Thursday Morning's Regret, or Thursday Morning Regrets as I like to call them, for keeping up with those James Earl Jones, and thank you to all the teams who came out to The Ace to make our debut event so much fun! We'll see you again in TWO WEEKS time for our sophomore event at The Ace to see who runs the place, on March 28th!

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