at Hitch: Fighting Mongooses, February 26th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

February 27, 2018

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 A fter a Family Day away, we returned to our Home Away at Hitch! This past Monday brought a group of very familiar faces, including the two Champions so far in February, not to mention a new team entering the fray to begin round two!

 Trivia Classic  saw Wookiee of the Year with the slightest of leads on the Fighting Mongooses, as the bar team with two new team members had a half point lead on our regulars on the east end with their good team name! The Man With The Candy were looking to defend their Championship from two weeks ago, and had only two points to make up on the Fighting Mongooses, Champions from the week before that!

 Game Show Games  saw the entry of 5 or 10 to the proceedings, but in Countdown Takedown it was Wookiee of the Year who would get the first TOP TEN! The Fighting Mongooses would grab eight points, while The Man grabbed six points, and 5 or 10 were on the board with four points. Survey Says then saw 5 or 10 get the TOP TEN, while Wookiee of the Year were the only team shut out, and with six points the Fighting Mongooses took the lead! This then brought it all to the Combo Breakdown! The Mongooses once again started things off, and it all came down to a Combo between them and Wookiee of the Year! Wookiee would prove to be the last team standing AND add another point to the total for an EIGHT POINT Breakdown!

Once again with the lead, Wookiee of the Year watched the other three teams roll  Tri-Pardo  categories... with The Man With The Candy rolling the first category for sixteen points, 5 or 10 getting 12 points for the second category, and the Fighting Mongooses also grabbing 12 points for the third category as well! This meant that a potential 40 points were up for grabs in our third round! Wookiee of the Year, as well as 5 or 10, would get 12 points off the third question... while the Fighting Mongooses would see the second and third questions cancel each other out, but gain 16 points on the first question to once again gain the lead heading into the last question!

In the  Finale , it was a mix of wagers, as 5 or 10 went all-in, and Wookiee of the Year left half a point back, while The Man with the Candy were now playing with house money! Finally it was The Fighting Mongooses, leaving nine points back who were potentially relinquishing their slight lead while also hedging for the possibility for a tough Finale...


And yes, wouldn't you believe it, it was a stumper for the crowd on the night... which meant that after 204 days after their first Golden VHS victory on their first night of competition, THE FIGHTING MONGOOSES were not only GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS, but also the newest members of our FIVE TIMERS CLUB! They are the twenty-second team to join this notable group of multi-time winners, and the third consecutive team to do so at Hitch, along side The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes and Wookiee of the Year who were also our two new Five Timers of 2017! The Fighting Mongooses, with 204 days, have also joined the Club faster then any team since Tiny Tim's... took 194 days to do, and joined in the eighth shortest time overall!

 26/02/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 13 8 6 2 16 (36) 9
Wookiee of the Year 13.5 10 0 8 12 (43) 0.5
The Man with the Candy 11 6 8 1 -24 (2) 0
5 or 10 -- 4 10 0 12 (26) 0
Congrats to the Fighting Mongooses one more time, and thank you to everyone who came out and made it another great night at Hitch! We'll see you all again in MARCH at our Home Away and yours, on the east end of Toronto for The City's Greatest Game Show, at Hitch!
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