at The Rec Room: Quiz Teama Aguilera, January 30th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 31, 2018

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 A fter three weeks away, we were back at The Rec Room Roundhouse for our seventeenth edition of Trivia Club just south of The Skydome! We returned to the Three10 restaurant in The Rec Room, with a host of new faces competing for their first Golden VHS! Who would be the newest Trivia Club Champion?! It truly was anyone's game!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end, with eleven teams battling for the top two prize spots or at least a spot in the celebrated Top Five (top five, top five)! In fifth place was Team Just Walking Through, while Once In A Blue Moon was in fourth place just a point ahead. In third, half a point ahead of Blue Moon, were Quiz Teama Aguilera! Half a point ahead of Quiz Teama, in that number two spot with candy to their names, were Up Do! Finally, our team in the lead of this tight field, just a point ahead of Up Do... were 5 People & Stephanie, enjoying a nice glass set of The Rec Room glasses and whiskey stones. Just missing out on the Top Five (top five, top five) were the Obstopulous Quintet, a point short, in sixth! In seventh were Rapini Slaves, followed by The Thirsty Tigers and Goofy Goobers tied for eighth, with State of the Union and 6 to 2 rounding out the field!

Our second round at The Rec Room,  Tri-Pardo , saw the close field begin to separate after a tough selection of questions! With the first question being rolled for eleven points by State of the Union, the second question being rolled for four points by The Thirsty Tigers, and the third question being rolled for thirteen points by Once In A Blue Moon! The first question saw all teams that went for it, lose eleven points, save for State of the Union (the best one you'd see all night, at that), while Just Walking Through lost four points as well on the second question, though the Obstropulous Quintet picked up four points, as did The Thirsty Tigers and 5 People & Stephanie! With the high point third question, it was a feast or famine for the teams who went for it... with three teams losing big points, but four teams gaining big points! So heading into the Finale, State of the Union had jumped from tenth to first! In second before the last question was Quiz Teama Aguilera, with Up Do now a point and a half back in third place!

In the third round and  Trivia Finale , all teams went all-in, and even those without twenty points used those house points as well! All teams except for one! Quiz Teama Aguilera went all in save for two and a half points! In doing so, well, let's just say it was a tricky Finale! The always dangerous overall stumper! Runners-up on the night were four teams with zero points, 5 People & Stephanie, Up Do, Once In A Blue Moon, and State of the Union! This meant that winners on the night...

GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS to end January 2018 were... QUIZ TEAMA AGUILERA! It was certainly a twist ending for a team that had kept it close throughout the night, and had moved from up from third in the first round, to second in the second round, before finishing in first to end the night!

 30/01/18 POINTS TABLE 
State of the Union 12.5 24 36.5 36.5 0
Team Just Walking Through 19 -2 17 20 -3
Rapini Slaves 17 2 19 20 -1
Once In A Blue Moon 20 -11 9 9 0
Obstropulous Quintet 18 -9 9 20 -11
The Thirsty Tigers 15 -20 -5 20 -25
Quiz Teama Aguilera 20.5 2 22.5 20 2.5
Up Do 21 0 21 21 0
5 People & Stephanie 22 -9 13 13 0
Congrats once again to Quiz Teama Aguilera! Thank you once again to all the new faces to Trivia Club who came out to take part in the Greatest Game Show in Toronto! We'll see you all again on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6th at The Rec Room Roundhouse! Remember, it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!

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