at Cardinal Rule: Cunning Stunts, November 15th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 16, 2017

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 T he sweet sixth last Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule brought together both wonderfully familiar faces, as well as an equal number of new teams! Which of these would walk away with the Golden VHS? We would have to wait and see! Ultimately it was an excellent night of trivia, while also an impromptu ranking of the films of Arnold Schwarzenneger.

 Trivia Classic  saw the Cunning Stunts in the lead after the first round! Our winningest team at Cardinal Rule, they were once again in it to win it. In second place were the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Trivia Club's best traveled team looking to settle in these next two months, with Last Place Team three points behind them. Last Place Team were making their forty-second consecutive appearance on the night! One and a half points behind Last Place Team were Quizard of Oz, long-time patrons of Cardinal Rule but first time participants at Trivia Club, while fellow newcomers Squishington's Revenge (half of whom were making their second appearance at Trivia Club) rounded out the field!

 Game Show Games  were next, with Countdown Takedown leading things off! The Cunning Stunts gamed there way to the TOP TEN with Last Place Team taking eight points, Quizard of Oz grabbing six points, a new team entering the fray in K & A grabbing four points, and Squishington's Revenge nabbing two points! Last Place Team then took home the TOP TEN in Survey Says, with Squishington's Revenge taking another eight points, while the Cunning Stunts got six points! Finally in Combo Breakdown it was the Cunning Stunts and Squishington's Revenge as the final two teams... and though the Cunning Stunts were proving competitive as always, they just couldn't compete with someone who had treated Kenneth Branagh as a Tiger Beat idol in the 90's! Squishington's Revenge were the last team standing with FIFTEEN POINTS!

Finally in  Tri-Pardo  it was thirty points third round, after the M. Night Shaym-Aliens rolled the first question for two points, K & A rolled the second question for eleven points, and Squishington's Revenge rolled the third question for seventeen points! Hitting for the TRIPLE, and keeping the lead in their hands with an extra thirty points were the Cunning Stunts! With twenty-eight points to their name were Quizard of Oz, while both Last Place Team and Squishington's Revenge grabbed seventeen points! Quizard of Oz and Squishington's Revenge within five and a half points of Last Place Team, though the Cunning Stunts had built themselves quite a lead on the field... so it all came down to the one  Finale  question!

Once the dust settled, it was the SIXTY-FORTH GOLDEN VHS, and thirty-seventh at Cardinal Rule, for the CUNNING STUNTS! On the night, the Cunning Stunts passed the Sesquicentennial Mark for the nineteenth time with 170 points, while also passing 7,000 points collectively at Cardinal Rule, and 13,000 points all-time! Further accolades for what has been a banner year for this already all-time team. Runners-up on the night were newcomers the Quizard of Oz with 103 points!

 15/11/17 POINTS TABLE 
Cunning Stunts 34 10 6 5 30 (85) 170
Last Place Team 21.5 8 10 2 17 (1.5) 60
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 24.5 0 0 4 0 (26) 54.5
Quizard of Oz 19 6 0 0 28 (53) 106
Squishington’s Revenge 11 2 8 15 17 (13) 66
K & A -- 4 0 0 0 (20) -16
Congrats to the Cunning Stunts once more, and thank you as well to everyone returning and new who came out and made this sixth last night of Trivia Club one to remember! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for the fast fifth final Trivia Club at Our Original Home! I say fast, though again can not make any promises when it comes to speed. Damn it, I like to take my time.
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