at The Rec Room: David Bowie's Double Helix Time Ladies, October 24th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 25, 2017

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 O n our seventh night at The Rec Room, a competitive crowd came to take part in and compete for not just our seventh Golden VHS, but a 25th anniversary to the day VHS, of the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series VHS. Who would walk away with the gold? Would it be a Trivia Club legacy team? Would it be newcomers? Could it be both?!

After our first round, the pub-style  Trivia Classic  round, it was David Bowie's Double Helix Time Ladies with a strong lead on the field. The team was a collaboration between the recognizable folks from David Bowie's CW and making their second appearance at The Rec Room, Double Helix Time Ladies, who come have a history of runner-up spots at the well remembered Toronto Geek Trivia! Oh Shoot! were seven points behind on their fourth consecutive appearance, while D-N-D were just two points behind them in third! Turn Up The Heat? were turning it up in fourth, while C U Next Tuesday were in fifth, and Reverse Oreo were in sixth tied up with Tequila Mockingbird who were making their second appearance! Rounding out the field were Carl's Favorite Pudding, crossing over from The Walking Dead trivia event and season eight premiere party just two days prior!

 Game Show Games  then saw Countdown Takedown start off the second round, with Reverse Oreo nabbing the TOP TEN, followed by Next Time Reserve A Table and Turn Up The Heat? both sending some kind of a message with eight points each, followed by Oh Shoot! with four points, and both C U Next Tuesday and David Bowie's Double Helix grabbing two points, as well did a new team entering the fray, Crowned Royals! Oh Shoot! then followed things up in the Box Office Bulls-eye Game Show Game with a five point B.O.B. as did DB's DHTL! Also nabbing two points were Tequila Mockingbird (an ace punny name, by the by)! Then in Survey Says, it was most everyone grabbing ten points, with eight points being grabbed by three teams, and the Crowned Royals grabbing two points! All told, though David Bowie's Helix Time Ladies were doing quite well to hold the lead, it was Oh Shoot! that grabbed the most points in the second round, which did well to keep them in the number two spot! Number three were Turn Up The Heat?, while Reverse Oreo shot into fourth place, and D-N-D stayed in the Top Five (top five, top five) after two!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw the continuing epic rolls with the plush die, as the first category was rolled for nineteen points by Tequila Mockingbird, while the second category was also rolled for nineteen points by Crowned Royals, and in a turn of events (to prove that every roll isn't nineteen) the third category was rolled for five points by David Bowie's Double Helix Time Ladies! This made for a forty-three points spread, weighed considerably towards the front two-thirds! Hitting for the TRIPLE, and breaking into first place for the first time on the night were Oh Shoot! While David Bowie's Double Helix grabbed the second and third questions but got the first incorrect and thus lost the points, grabbing just five in the third points. Notching twenty-four points, and coming within four points of David Bowie's and the Time Ladies, were Tequila Mockingbird! This meant it was a three team race leading up to the Finale, but anything was possible for Carl's Favorite Pudding and Crowned Royals to take the Golden VHS!

It was a twist of a  Finale  as well, with all teams putting all the points that they could towards that last question, and two teams faltering as a result. Carl's Favorite Pudding dropped below zero, while Crowned Royals ended up grabbing third with the correct answer... because Oh Shoot! missed that finale shot, ending with zero! So close but so far for these Golden VHS winners at The Rec Room! This left the door open for not only Tequila Mockingbird who finished as runners-up with 101 points, but they were still eight points behind the night's CHAMPS!

Finishing with 109 points, GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS on the 25 years after the Toronto Blue Jays became World Series Champions and in the shadow of the Skydome... DAVID BOWIE'S DOUBLE HELIX TIME LADIES! This is the second Golden VHS for David Bowie's at The Rec Room, eighteenth overall, and the first Golden VHS for the Double Helix Time Ladies!

 10/24/17 POINTS TABLE 
David Bowie’s Double
Helix Time Ladies
32.5 2 5 10 5 (54.5) 109
Tequila Mockingbird 14.5 0 2 10 24 (50.5) 101
Oh Shoot! 25.5 4 5 10 43 (87.5) 0
Carl’s Favorite Pudding 9.5 0 0 10 -19 (20) -19.5
Next Time Reserve A Table 8 8 0 8 5 (OUT) --
Crowned Royals -- 2 0 2 0 (20) 24

Congrats to David Bowie's Double Helix Time Ladies, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room and played through and enjoyed our seventh edition of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for a HALLOWEEN EDITION of Trivia Club at The Rec Room on October 31st!
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