at Cardinal Rule: Trivial Knowledge, October 18th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 19, 2017

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 I t was a friends and family affair at Cardinal Rule, with more then half the teams competing including immediate family playing together, not to mention couples competing side by side to see who would walk away with a special Golden VHS at the Original Home of Trivia Club!

Trivia Classic began with Last Place Team in the lead, the ironically named house team of our Original Home had the highest first round score of the week, and a two point lead on the especially competitive newcomer team the Equizabeth Taylors! The dad and daughters team had a point and a half on another couple of newcomers, The Finger Cramps. Three points behind them were Trivial Knowledge, back for the first time in six weeks, when they won their third Golden VHS! Rounding out the field were It's My First Time Be Gentle, a point behind the Knowledge.

Game Show Games began at Cardinal Rule, with Countdown Takedown! Taking the TOP TEN in the Takedown were Trivial Knowledge! The Equizabeth Taylors were out the range and the only team not to pick up points. The Taylors would grab four points in Survey Says, but it would be Trivial Knowledge who would pick up the TOP TEN once again! Last Place Team picked up eight points for the second consecutive game as well, while Finger Cramps picked up another six points! This led to a competitive Combo Breakdown, that saw the Equizabeth Taylors as the last team standing with THIRTEEN POINTS, after an additional point to hit home the win!

Tri-Pardo then saw the first category rolled for seven points by Trivial Knowledge, the second category rolled for two points by Finger Cramps, and the third category rolled for nineteen points by Last Place Team! With points weighed definitively towards the third question, twenty-eight points in total were still on the line! Finger Cramps and Trivial Knowledge both answered the third category correctly, though that was the end of the story for either team as Cramps lost two points as well, while Trivial Knowledge added another seven points! Seven points were also added by Last Place Team and the Equizabeth Taylors! What this meant was four and a half points seperated Fingers Cramps and the Quiz Taylors, while the Finger Cramps had also suddenly gained a one and a half point lead on Last Place Team! Still, with all this, Trivial Knowledge held a fourteen point lead on their closest competition... giving them team a late advantage heading into the Finale!

Finale question ahead, it was an all-in wager for Last Place Team and the Quiz Taylors, while The Finger Cramps on their first night out at Trivia Club only put thirteen points on the last question to play it safer! Trivial Knowledge went all-in as well, save for half a point! The Finale question proved kind to the field as well, as every team was able to get it correct! Which meant that in fifth were It's My First Time, Be Gentle, followed by Finger Cramps! The Equizabeth Taylors were in third! Six points ahead, runners-up on the night were Last Place Team...

Winning their FOURTH GOLDEN VHS, and their second consecutive (six weeks apart), TRIVIAL KNOWLEDGE! Yes, even with one of their long-time members on tour, it was an impressive victory that in fact was assisted (as was their last win) by knowledge gained on a summer road trip! Hurray for getting out!

It’s My First Time, Be Gentle 12.5 4 2 2 -26 (20) 14.5
Last Place Team 20 8 8 2 7 (45) 90
Finger Cramps 16.5 6 6 1 17 13 59.5
Equizabeth Taylors 18 0 4 13 7 (42) 84
Trivial Knowledge 13.5 10 10 1 26 60 120.5
Congrats once again to Trivial Knowledge, and thank you as well to everyone who took part in another edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, it was as always a wonderful time with wonderful folks! We'll see you again NEXT WEDNESDAY for more of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto!
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