at Hitch: The Electric Bastards, April 17th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 18, 2017

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 O ur Grand Championship Grand Prix continued at our Home Away of Hitch, with the second of two chances to put points towards the Golden VCR on the docket! Yes, with several teams having built momentum at Cardinal Rule to catch the two teams at the top... this was an important night to see whose team name would be the fifth to be emblazened on the double-decker trophy!

After the first round of Trivia Classic, it was the Electric Bastards who were looking to make up all-important ground in the final two weeks of our fifth annual Grand Championship... if they get more then 163 points on the night, they would be able to close the 35 point gap that currently stood between them and the Cunning Stunts! The Electric Bastards had a one and half point point lead on the Good (But, Not Great) Folks from Laramie Cigarettes, who themselves had a one and a half point lead on Petite Pierre's Pre-Pubescent Precious & Preposterous Princesses! The M. Night Shaym-Aliens were in fourth, with Wookiee of the Year in fifth, and the newcomers the R-Block Rebels in sixth!

Game Show Games was next, of course, and in the second round the first TOP TEN of Countdown Takedown went to Petite Pierre's... with the unlucky team left out of the points being the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes! Laramie got only a little luckier in Survey Says, with the number five answer for two points, while the R-Block Rebels found themselves with the first TOP TEN of their short Trivia Club trip! Combo Breakdown then brought our second round to a close, with Petite Pierre's... being caught off the bat with a controversial surprise, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens outlasting the Electric Bastards to the tune of THIRTEEN POINTS as the last team standing! This gave the M. Night Shaym-Aliens twenty-three points in total, across the Game Show Games!

Continuing that momentum in Tri-Pardo, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens proved to be the only team capable of the triple play, answering correctly the first question for eleven points, the second question for a traditional fifteen points, and the third question for twelves points! The second question would prove a tough one, putting the Good Folks at four less points when all was said and done, and only giving Wookiee of the Year and the Electric Bastards each eight points! In gaining twenty-three points from the first and third questions, Petite Pierre's Pre-Pubescent Precious & Preposterous Princesses moved into second place on the night, while the M. Night Shaym-Aliens were in first, just a Finale away from 163 points on the night!

In the Finale, speaking of which, all teams where looking to double up! Not just for the Golden VHS, but for their best chance at the Golden VCR! Well, all teams save for the Electric Bastards. With no chance to match their point total from two weeks ago, and in a distinct third place spot, the 2015 Grand Champions decided to let it ride on the Finale and wagered a single point on the night...

Figures that it would prove a stumper of a Finale, and the only team left standing, aside from Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes and their half a point... were the ELECTRIC BASTARDS! Yes, winning their second Golden VHS of the month, the duo walked away with the Golden VHS and fifty-four points at Hitch!
Wookiee of the Year 20 6 0 2 8 (36) 0
Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes 34.5 0 2 1 -4 (33) 0.5
Petite Pierre’s… 33 10 4 0 23 (70) 0
Electric Bastards 36 8 0 3 8 (1) 54
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 30.5 4 6 13 28 (81.5) 0
R-Block Rebels 10 2 10 1 0 (23) 0
Congrats to those Electric Bastards, if nothing else giving themselves momentum, wind in their sails for the final half of the 2017 Grand Championship Grand Prix! And the feather in the cap of a Golden VHS, like nothing else! We'll see you again at Hitch in TWO WEEKS for more Trivia Club goodness on the east end!
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