at Cardinal Rule: Unusual Suspects, March 22nd, 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 23, 2017

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 M arch had brought a number of exciting moments, but none more looked forward to, at least by a certain M. Night team… then their 100th appearance. Of course, some familiar names, and returning teams were set to play spoilers! Suffice to say though, the Shaym-Aliens had already made an impact… forever changing the way you said the director of the Sixth Sense's name.

Also, before we dive fully into this recap, I wanted to say outright just how much I appreciate the M. Night Shaym-Aliens as ambassadors of Trivia Club. It's been amazing the kind of wonderful people who I've been able to meet through this game show, and Dylan is one of them no doubt. Dylan's enjoyment of the game has also built a team and community all his own in the Shaym-Aliens, with Joel, Shelby, Frankie, Mary, and Shawn, among others. In a detail I couldn't help but notice and enjoy, each of them became an "official" member of the Shaym-Aliens for a specific reason, in a specific moment. Wins, appearances, etc. That's doing it right. So, thank you for making 100 appearances overall, Shaym-Aliens!

Our 206th edition at Cardinal Rule was also the debut of a new sponsor as well! Yes, helping present Trivia Club on Wednesday's on the west-end is none other then Steam Whistle! Nice to have you on board!

After the first round of Trivia Classic, those M. Night Shaym-Aliens were in first place with a three point lead on their nearest competition in the returning Unusual Suspects, back in the trivia rotation for the spring season! Two points behind the Suspects were Last Place Team, off their Diet, and back to defend their unexpected VHS! In fourth were Lt. Dance, returning as Bop It, Twist It, Budget, and they were followed by You Can't Sit With Us!, Team Name, and Chips Challenge!

Those Game Show Games of round two, would then see the Unusual Suspects game themselves the first TOP TEN from Countdown Takedown, putting a plus one on Last Place Team who still grabbed eight points, while Bop It, Twist It, Budget took another six points of their own, and Team Name were able to win four! The Cardinal Rule team of You Can't Sit With Us! then grabbed a TOP TEN of their own, with the Shaym-Aliens grabbing eight points, and the Unusual Suspects getting another six points in Survey Says! The Unusual Suspects wanted to round out an excellent round two with the C-C-Combo, but they broke down with a still very respectable five points to their name. They were then followed in the five point bracket by the celebratory M. Night Shaym-Aliens, leaving Bop It, Twist It, Budget with FIFTEEN POINTS to close out our second round!

Due to a strong performance in the first two rounds, the Unusual Suspects went into Tri-Pardo with the chance to play spoilers on the M. Night Shaym-Aliens 100th night! The Shaym-Aliens were actually looking to do something that a team had never done on their 100th night... and that was win. The Cunning Stunts had lost their 100th appearance to the Ganja Gang, while the Unusual Suspects themselves had actually defeated Team Name on their 100th night! And so it was, that in our third round, the Suspects added to their lead by hitting for the triple! Yes, in getting the first question that was worth a single point (the first time someone had rolled a one, with the ico), the second question that was worth seventeen points, and the third question that was worth thirteen points, the Unusual Suspects added 31 points to their total! Team Name, in their own efforts, lost 31 points! Adding 13 points a piece were Chips Challenge, Last Place Team, and the Shaym-Aliens!

This led to a Finale with a cut and dry possibility... a correct answer would win the Unusual Suspects the night. Wouldn't you know it, they would ALSO be the only team to get that Finale correct! The Last Place Team would finish as runners-up on the night, and winning their EIGHTEENTH GOLDEN VHS, putting them one up on the M. Night Shaym-Aliens as the sixth winningest Trivia Club team all-time, the UNUSUAL SUSPECTS!
Team Name 20 4 0 3 -31 (20) -24
Last Place Team 31.5 8 0 2 13 (50) 4.5
Unusual Suspects 33.5 10 6 5 31 (80) 165.5
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 36.5 0 8 5 13 (62.5) 0
Bop It, Twist It, Budget 22 6 0 15 0 (43) 0
Chips Challenge 14.5 0 0 0 13 (27) 0.5
You Can't Sit With Us! 20.5 0 10 0 16 (45) 1.5
Congrats to those Suspects! Thank you as well to all those who came out to compete at Cardinal Rule this past Wednesday, to celebrate, and to otherwise enjoy yourself in answering some trivia. It was as always a pleasure to have you. We'll be back NEXT WEDNESDAY for another edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, presented by Steam Whistle Brewery! 
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