at Hitch: Quizlamic State, March 20th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 21, 2017

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 I n our latest Limited Edition of Trivia Club at Hitch, it was a wonderful crowd AND a reunion of sort as the crowd mixed old faces and new! A team from the first night at Hitch played at the location for the fifth time, and a new group of competitiors played for their first time! Finally, Laramie Cigarettes were going for their FOURTH Golden VHS in a row, while Tiny Tim's... and friends returned for all the fun! Sooo... what happened?

Our first round of Trivia Classic ended with I'm A Widdle Tiny Baby, a team that consisted of both Tiny Tim... and Girl Gon Git It, with a half point lead over newcomers Quizlamic State! They were a full point ahead of The Man With The Candy, a team that had participated at our first Trivia Club at Hitch and won at our fourth Trivia Club at Hitch, but were only making a third appearance since! Eight points behind the lead were the returning Champs, going for the unprecedented fourth Golden VHS in a row, the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes!

Game Show Games got off on the right foot for the Good Folks from Laramie, as they not only got the first TOP TEN of the round in Countdown Takedown, they were the only team to add points to their score in the first Game! The Man with the Candy then grabbed the second TOP TEN point total of the second round, with the top answer in Survey Says! Quizlamic State were also able to get six additional points! Finally, in C-C-Combo Breakdown, it was The Man with the Candy who outlasted their competition in a game that was new to them, grabbing SIXTEEN POINTS as they did!

With the lead spinning and turning after each round and each game, the night was far from over as we transitioned our round three of Tri-Pardo! Quizlamic State held pat, not winning any points but not losing any points either! With the first and third questions being worth fifteen points a piece, and the second question being worth twelve points, an above average amount of points was up for grabs in the Pardo! Points to win, and points to lose... our Threepeating Champ, the Good Folks would actually be knocked down THIRTY points in the third, putting their chance at a fourth in great danger, while I'm A Widdle Tiny Baby lost some momentum with a three point loss, while The Man With The Candy grabbed an additional three points, holding onto their number one spot and potential VHS for the first time since #004, some eighty-three events ago!

In the Finale, wagering was testamount to most teams going all-in, while Laramie Cigarettes saw their short stack and wagered nothing... but luck wasn't on their side, it was on the side of the State! The Man With The Candy got the Finale incorrect, dropping them to fourth, and opening the window for our first-time...

Meaning that yes, QUIZLAMIC STATE won their FIRST GOLDEN VHS on the night, as I'm A Widdle Tiny Baby finished as runners-up, fourteen and a half points behind the lead!

Quizlamic State 35 0 6 3 0 (44) 88
Good Folks from
Laramie Cigarettes
27.5 10 0 4 -30 (0) 11.5
I’m A Widdle Tiny Baby 35.5 0 0 5 -3 (36) 73.5
The Man with the Candy 34 0 10 16 3 (63) 0

Congrats Quizlamic State, and thank you to all the teams who came out and made it such a fun atmosphere to close out March at Hitch! Thank you as well to Paramount Pictures and Ghost in the Shell, in theatres March 31st! We'll see you at our Home Away in TWO WEEKS for the beginning of the FIFTH ANNUAL GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX on the east-end! For more information, keep an eye on this .CA!
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