Saturday Night Live Fantasy League: Season 42 Groups & Draft Results

September 30, 2016

 N ever has their so much variety in the Groups of Saturday Night Live Fantasy League, and how they were built! Groups of six, seven, and eight teams, and those teams having three or even four cast members, depending on the size of the Group and when the cast was drafted! Yes, three of the seven Groups this year drafted before Lorne finalized the featured players. In terms of Host picks, other Groups drafted after the announcement of the first, second, and third Hosts of the season, not to mention Alec Baldwin's assignment to the role of Donald Trump.

Our League has grown every year since it's inaugural season, for Saturday Night Live's 39th when we had ten people join together to form the first Hartman Trophy group! Ten then became twenty for the SNL 40th, with a different format seeing the second Hartman Trophy awarded, along with the Gilded Radner! Finally in the 41st season of SNL, our third, our Fantasy League expanded into forty participants in six different groups, including the returning Hartman Trophy and Gilded Radner!

Once again the Saturday Night Live Fantasy League expands, with fifty teams competing in seven different groups for the 42nd season of the television institution of sketch comedy. Once again each Group will be competing for an award of their very own, given to the top scoring team at the end of the season! Once again we'll also be awarding League-wide awards as well!

  • Five of the seven participants in the Phil Hartman Group are back for their fourth season, having been part of the First Ten, while Holtzwomenn and War Horse Can Dance are back for their third seasons! Sarah R. of Holtzwomenn has spent all three of those seasons with the Hartman Group, while this is only the second season for returning Hartman Trophy winner War Horse Can Dance in the Group!
  • War Horse Can Dance was the first team, last season, to win the Hartman Trophy without Kate McKinnon.
  • Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett were both drafted by The Ignorant Sluts this season, which might sound inconsequential until you realize that the first two Hartman Trophies were won by The Ignorant Sluts with those two cast members on both teams. When neither were drafted last year, by The Ignorant Sluts, for the teams first losing effort. The Ignorant Sluts have also proven apt at song selection, winning the league-wide G.E. Smith Award last season for most points gained from Song Choices!

  • The Gilded Radner, the second-longest awarded honor in the one and only Saturday Night Live Fantasy League, will see five participants on their third season, one participant in their second season, and one of the First Ten participants battling it out!
  • After winning the Samurai John's Sword of Destiny in the Belushi Group last season, in impressively dominant fashion, Kevin K. of Night CrawlerZ returns to the Radner Group for the second time. The Night CrawlerZ also won the league-wide Eddie Murphy Award for grabbing the episode high-score in his group more often then any other team.
  • After winning the The Little Coat of the Farley Group last season, Johnny H. of Murry'd With Children returns to the Radner Group for the second time.
  • Also returning to the Radner Group is original Saturday Night Live Fantasy League participant, Sarah C. of Suck It Trebek, after a 41st season as part of the Myers Group!

  • The only other returning Group for the 42nd season, are the Amy Poehler Group, competing for the second-ever Weekend Warrior Award! The Poehler Group has four returning participants back for their second season, including the inaugural Award winner Haders To The Left, along with four first-time participants!
  • The Poehler Group were one of four Groups to hold an independent draft.

  • The Christopher Guest Group were the first of the 42nd season to enjoy a LIVE draft, which also saw cast members chosen up to three times over four rounds! Three participants returned, as part of the Guest Group, and five teams will play their first season along-side friends!
  • The Guest Group includes the winner of the League-wide Baldwin & Martin Award for being the team that got the most from host points over the 41st season, Andrew K. of I Know Why The Caged Bird Laughs! Andrew K. with Organic Wifi, also won the Wayne's World Championship in the Myers Group at the end of SNL41!

  • The Yvonne Hudson Group is the only other group, aside from the Hartman and Radner Groups, made entirely of returning participants! It's the third season for one team, with every other participant returning for a second go around.
  • Skanky Little Prostitutes edged Lil Baby Aidy at the end of Season 42 for the Gilded Radner, in the second season for the first place team, and the first season for the second placers. The four other participants in this season's Hudson Group each competed in a separate Group last season.

  • The Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Group is an interesting mix of a couple, a group of friends, and a returning competitor, all of them also bringing a different level of experience to the table. 
  • Dan Akroyd Rage are one of the First Ten, making this their fourth season of Saturday Night Live Fantasy League! The Vondrukes return for their third season, while Total Bastard Airlines are back for their second.

  • Two participants of last season's Myers Group, returning for a second season, bring in six new participants to take part in the Rocket Group!
  • The Rocket Group were the last group to draft, but were also the fourth live drafting group of the pre-season.

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