at Lou Dawg's: Big Floppy Disks, August 23rd 2016, TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 24, 2016

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The Bastards returned once again after three weeks away, looking to defend their hard won Linear Championship Belt! They would have to do so against the Big Floppy Disks, who would be exiting for the time being, from the Trivia Club! With that in mind, not only did they have one group of friends for a civil war, but an additional group of rival trivia folk! Yes, it was as intimate, and unpredictable, and entertaining as ever at Lou Dawg's BBQ near Ryerson... and history was in the making! 

Trivia Classic saw the Big Floppy Disks leading after the first round, with an eight point lead on our returning Lou Dawg's all-timers in The Bastards! Tied for third were I-H-O-P-ness, once again behind the bar, and one spin-off of the Big Floppy Disks, Later Gators (they came in late, you see)! In fifth, rounding out the field, were Quiz In Our Pants, the other spin-off team of Big Floppy Disks!

Our Game Show Games then rounded out to see Big Floppy Disks continue to be one of the most impressive teams in the format, grabbing the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, while The Bastards, Later Gators, Quiz in Our Pants, and I Hopness also grabbed points in that order. Survey Says then saw the Big Floppy Disks once again nab the TOP TEN! This time Quiz In Our Pants grabbed eight, while The Bastards took six, and Later Gators took four points home! This brought us to a contentious C-C-Combo Breakdown that saw The Bastards one-on-one against The Big Floppy Disks... with The Bastards walking away with NINE POINTS as the last team standing, while the Big Floppy Disks took away three!

Tri-Pardo further shifted the Finale to a one-on-one showdown, as Quiz In Our Pants lost thirty-five points on the three question round, while I-H-O-P-ness and Later Gators each lost ten points! The Bastards gained fifteen points, while the Big Floppy Disks cleared out the Tri, for the full forty-five points! Yes, the fifteen point question meant a thirty point difference between the two teams!

Big Floppy Disks had the lead, but not enough to rest on the points that they had gained, and they did not rest either! Though the Big Floppy Disks left ten points on the table, they still pushed against the always dangerous team of The Bastards, a team that rarely got to compete against the Big Floppy Disks! With a correct answer from both teams, they each peaked over 100 points! The Bastards finished as runners-up for only the second time this year, with 102 points, and the Big Floppy Disks?

The BIG FLOPPY DISKS finished the night with their SECOND GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP and crossed the Sesquicentenial Mark along the way, with 170 points on the night, the fifth highest score in the history of Lou Dawg's Trivia Club, and the highest score at the location in the non-Bastards division! 
So congrats once again to the Big Floppy Disks, they sure know how to make an exit (for now), and thank you to everyone who came out to compete on the final Trivia Club at Lou Dawg's for August! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS at Lou Dawg's BBQ for more Trivia Club on September 6th!

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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