Oscar Confidence Pool 21/22

March 28, 2022

Trivia Club tests your confidence in every winner you choose by asking you to rank them from 23 to 1. Correct picks are as always important, but Confidence is key! All that extra time and we almost forgot about our annual Extra Curricular enjoyment of the Academy Awards. It's time for the latest Oscar Confidence Pool!

What is an Oscar Confidence Pool, you might ask? It's simple enough.

  1. Picks are made in the usual manner, and then...
  2. Those picks are ranked from 23 (most confident) to 1 (least confident). 
  3. The highest possible score is a no longer round 276 points.
The winner is the person with the most POINTS, with the number of correct picks breaking any ties. Remember, the number you write beside a category are the points you'll get if your selected winner
actually wins!
The combination of Sound Mixing and Sound Editing into one category last year, Best Sound, made sense but it has also changed what was once a nice round number for maximum potential points to be won. Hopefully they add Best Stunt Unit or Best Stunt Coordinator and/or Best Second Unit Director one day to readjust to 300 possible points (even if they don't air that award on the telecast)!

Saad K. was our first Oscar Pool victor in 2012/2013 with 17 correct picks! Matthew S. won the first Oscar Confidence Pool in 2013/2014 with a still unmatched 22 correct picks for 290 points! In 2014/2015 it was Oliver D. who won our third Pool with 20 correct picks for 270 points! In 2015/2016 the Oscar Confidence Pool was won by Mark P. with 18 correct picks for 257 points, and then Mark P. because our first Oscar Confidence Pool repeat winner in 2016/2017 with 17 correct picks for 242 points! In 2017/2018 the Oscar Confidence Pool saw our first winner in Rob M. who guessed fewer correct picks with 18, then the runner-up, but ultimately scored more points for the win with 275 points! 2018/2019 was a tough year to guess as Mark P. won for a third time with the lowest correct picks with 15 picks for 229 points! Mark P. would then repeat once again with a personal best 21 correct picks for 258 points in 2019/2020! Christopher D. would be our newest winner of the Confidence Pool last year with 18 correct picks for 243 points in 2020/2021!


The results are in for the TENTH ANNUAL Oscar Pool, and the ninth Confidence edition, and unlike the back and forth of last year... this year's edition was a no doubt result by the end of the night with both the most picks and highest Confidence points going to one person!

Congratulations to Christopher D. for his repeat victory in our Oscar Confidence Pool! Christopher finished with 21 correct categories out of the 23, scoring 270 points out of a possible 276! This is not only an improvement on both fronts from his winning finish last year, but the best finish since our first Confidence Pool in 2013/2014! The only hope Christopher gave his competition this year was choosing Encanto for Best Original Score with 5 confidence points, and Robin Robin for Best Animated Short with 1 confidence point.

Our runner-up this year is James C. of the Unusual Suspects who finished with 19 correct categories, scoring 255 points! All four incorrect Confidence picks were in single digits, and included the two Screenplay categories and two of the three Short categories with The Long Goodbye for Best Live Action Short being the correct choice of the three Short categories.

In third place with 16 correct categories is Mark P. of the Cunning Stunts who still gained 244 points from those picks, as he only lost single digit points on each incorrect pick! Mark's correct single digit confidence points belonged to Best Short Live Action and Best Original Score.

Also guessing 16 correct categories but finishing in fourth with 212 points if me, Russel Harder! My biggest confidence miss was Best Original Song for 16 points, as I had improperly guessed that Lin would win his EGOT clinching Oscar. But this wasn't for "We Don't Talk About Bruno" so it wasn't in the cards!

Finishing in fifth place was Dylan M. of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens who selected 18 correct categories but forgot to order them and so his guesses slotted into 211 points when given 23 to 1 points each! Not bad for automatic seeding! Plus hey, if this was a traditional Oscar Pool he would have finished in third but still managed to finish in the top five!

Deutsch and Michele of  MaD in LA would finish sixth and seventh respectively! Deutsch gain 202 points off of 14 correct categories picked, including eleven of the fourteen double-digit Confidence ranked categories, while Michele would take 185 points from 13 correct categories, which including being correct on her seven most Confident categories.

In eighth place just one point behind Michele, was Johnny H. with Uncut Jams who finished with 13 correct categories picked, for 184 points!

To round out our Top Ten finishers, Jarrad of 2 Fast 2 Curious got 153 points off of 10 picks, and Team uno Persona got 85 points off of 9 picks. In eleventh was Rob M. who got 73 points from 7 picks! Thank you to everyone who took part in our tenth annual Oscar Pool, with that added wrinkle of the Confidence ranking for the past nine years! Be on the look out this next week for the Movie Wager, which will be expanding outside of the Summer for the first time!

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