at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Cookiefaced, January 7th 2020 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 09, 2020

We returned to The Rec Room Roundhouse for the 107th edition of Trivia Club in The Roundhouse on January 7th, the first Trivia Club event of 2020! It is good to be back, with an entire year of Trivia Club ahead of us to enjoy! We have Oscar Trivia to look forward, the return of the Trivia League at The Rec Room, and of course the fourth annual Trivial Awards ahead of us as well! That is all in the future though, so let’s talk about Tuesday…

 Trivia Classic  began with newcomers Screaming Beaver holding a point lead over one of the winningest teams of 2019, Cookiefaced! Cookiefaced, our Holiday League winners in 2019, had a one point lead over newcomers Say Crack Again! Crack (again) had one point on the returning Jen Kennings, back after a couple of months and back in contention, and they had a one point lead over Still Dead, the 2020 opening name of, you guessed it, Dead on the Inside! Outside of the Top Five (top five top five) were MTC in sixth, while Team Duck rounded out the field!

As we were in the Three10 restaurant, that meant that  Game Show Games  were written down and then marked along with Tri-Pardo answers! Cookiefaced grabbed the TOP TEN in both Countdown Takedowwn and Survey Says, to take the lead for the first time of the night! Two other teams were closer in Countdown Takedown, with Jen Kennings getting with two and MTC getting within five, but both unfortunately going over! This meant that Team Duck gained eight points, Say Crack Again nabbed six points, and Still Dead got four points. Then in Survey Says, all teams in fact got points, with Cookiefaced being joined for the TOP TEN by Still Dead, Jen Kennings, and Team Duck, with the other teams gaining eight points.

 Tri-Pardo  then saw Say Crack Again roll for two points on the first category, while MTC rolled for fourteen points on the second category, and Cookiefaced rolled for sixteen points on the third category! This meant that thirty-two points were on the line in round three! Keeping things blank were Still Dead and Jen Kennings, while Team Duck gained two points on the first question, and MTC lost fourteen points on the second category! Gaining eighteen points on the correct answer for the first and third categories were Say Crack Again and Cookiefaced!

This meant that with wagering for the  Trivia Finale , it was a two team race between Cookiefaced and Say Crack Again, with seven points between the two teams! Cookiefaced went all in, while Say Crack Again wagered all but two points! All other teams went all in, save for Still Dead, who left five points on the table and thus wagered against the field the best on this night. Still, it was about answering the Finale correct… and half the teams would be able to do so…

Finishing in third would be Still Dead with 49 points, while the runners-up on the night with 92 points would be Say Crack Again, and winning their THIRTEENTH GOLDEN VHS with 108 points on this 107th event on January 7th…. COOKIEFACED!

Congrats once again to Cookiefaced, and thank you to everyone who competed at The Rec Room across Canada this past Tuesday! We will see you again on January 14th for more Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse!
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