at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Murderinos, October 29th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 01, 2019

On the eve of All Hallow’s Eve… (eve?), you know the 29th of October, we brought a spooky edition of Trivia Club to The Rec Room Roundhouse in Toronto! Packing the Three10 restaurant with scary good teams, it was a total of fourteen teams that took part! A combination of newcomers, familiar faces, and those new to The Rec Room! Who would walk away with Golden VHS? HOLD THAT GHOST, we’ll see! You can also see high scores for Trivia Club across Canada here!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Cookiefaced leading the crowded field with a two and a half point on the next closest team, Murderinos! Murderinos were new to The Rec Room, but were a team put together by a recent TBD competitor at Black Lab Brewing! In third place were the returning Flutterby Fairies, also known as Really Makes U Think! A point behind Flutterby were The Questionables, themselves just four points behind their friendly rivals and one point ahead of their other friendly rival, rounding out the Top Five (top five top five) Dreadfully Distinct, otherwise known as Dead on the Inside! Tied with Dreadfully Distinct were another team new to The Rec Room, but with Trivia Club experience at Hitch… Susan dragged us to Trivia… Happy Birthday Susan, and one half of a competitive table of folks, overLAYme! In seventh were Whistling Winnie, followed by Super-Sack of “D” (trademark), with In dog beers we’ve only had one, followed by The Spanish In-quiz-ition, and The Liz & Time Show to round out the field!

 Game Show Games  saw round two begin with the traditional Countdown Takedown, which also added two new competitors in The Latecomers and Ja Gigs! The TOP TEN of the Countdown Takedown was shared by civil warring overLAYme and Super-Sack of “D” ™, with eight points going to The Questionables and Ja Gigs, six points being won by The Spanish In-quiz-ition, four points being won by Happy Birthday Susan, and a couple of good points going to Dreadfully Distinct as well! Then in Survey Says we got the chance to go through TWO QUESTIONS, with the TOP TEN being won once again by both overLAYme and Super-Sack of “D” (traaademark), while eight points were guessed correctly by In dog beers we’ve only had one, as well as Cookiefaced, six points being won by Dreadfully Distinct and The Questionables (with the last guess in the round, so not too shabby!), four points being picked up by The Spanish In-quiz-ition, and two points a piece going to Murderinos and Ja Gigs! Unfortunately Whistling Winnie, The Flutterby Fairies, and The Latecomers were left pointless in round two!

This meant that overLAYme had shifted into the lead, but that Cookiefaced and The Questionables were not far behind, and that Super-Sack of “D” had also jumped up in the standings past Murderinos, as well as Dreadfully Distinct and Happy Birthday Susan! In  Tri-Pardo , In dog beers we’ve only had one rolled for eighteen points on the first category, while Dreadfully Distinct rolled for twelve points on the second category, and Murderinos rolled for sixteen points on the third category! This meant that a big forty-six points were up for grabs! Hitting for the triple were Murderinos, and Susan dragged us to Trivia… Happy Birthday Susan, as well as The Flutterby Fairies, Dreadfully Distinct, and The Latecomers (who though late were now on the board in a big way)! Dreadfully Distinct were now in the lead by a single point ahead of Murderinos, and Cookiefaced were in fourth, after answering the first and third questions correctly, a half a point behind Happy Birthday Susan! In total, six teams were within eight points of one another for the number one spot before the last question!

In the  Trivia Finale , it was a swath of all-in wagers on a category chosen by The Questionables, save for a point left behind by The Questionables, and half a point not wagered by Cookiefaced! This meant that, especially with the close quarters of team points behind the Finale question it all balanced on the last question! Four teams answered the last question correctly… and with that last question… the third place team were The Questionables with 127 points! Runners-up on the night were Cookiefaced with 140.5 points! Dreadfully Distinct had been felled by the last question, as had Happy Birthday Susan (sorry for the crappy present, but thanks for joining us!)… so the night’s winners… were newcomers!

The first and gold team finishing with 148 points as first-time GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS… were MURDERINOS! Assembled by someone who was TBD just this past Wednesday at Black Lab Brewing they were more then game on this night of horrifying Trivia Club goodness at The Rec Room!

Congrats once again to Murderinos, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room Roundhouse to make it such a competitive night of Trivia Club! We’ll see you all again on November 5th for the next edition of Canada’s Greatest Game Show… and it will also the beginning of a special Holiday Season Competition, which will award you not only for your points but also for how you place between November 5th and December 17th! Stay tuned for more details, and see you at The Rec Room Across Canada!
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