at The Rec Room Roundhouse: The Questionables, October 22nd TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 24, 2019

It was the 101st edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse, and just in time for your Toronto Raptors to be awarded their Championship Rings! So it was a night with a certain ring to it that we would school you on all things trivial, and find a mix of our regular teams with returning faces and all new competition in the Three10 restaurant!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with ample competition from the likes of Reach for the Middle, and friends, but ultimately with The Questionables and More Layers Than Inception (our friend, Dead on the Inside) tied for the top spot! Two points behind their friendly rivals were Cookiefaced, while a half a point behind the third of the trio was a remix of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, on this night 4 Fun, Friendship, and Basketball! Three and a half points behind 4FFB were the returning G2VB!

 Game Show Games  then brought forward some momentum for the bottom half of the first round’s top five, as G2VB grabbed the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown with a spot on guess, while 4 Fun, Friendship, and Basketball got eight points, and The Questionables nabbed six points with a bit of game theory! This put The Questionables all by themselves in first place, but shot 4 Fun, and G2VB into second and third! 4 Fun, Friendship, and Basketball then grabbed the TOP TEN in Survey Says to gain the lead in round two, while Cookiefaced nabbed eight points to tie with The Questionables and More Layers Than Inception, who added six points of their own! G2VB had found themselves in second place after nabbing four points in Survey Says!

 Tri-Pardo  then begun with a Top Five (top five top five) that looked quite different then the first round, and with 4 Fun, Friendship, and Basketball picking the first category for five points, More Layers Than Inception rolling the second category for ten points, and Cookiefaced rolling the third category for seventeen points, their were thirty-two points on the board! Cookiefaced would only be able to pick up five points from the first question, while More Layers Than Inception grabbed twenty-two points from the first and third! Hitting for the triple, and picking up all thirty-two points were The Questionables, G2VB, and 4 Fun, Friendship, and Basketball! This meant that their was nine and a half points between the M. Night Shaym-Aliens4 Fun threesome, and The Questionables, with G2VB holding a two point lead on The Questionables as well!

Still, it would all come down to the  Trivia Finale … and two teams would be able to answer the last question correctly! Finishing as runner-up with 80 points, was More Layers Than Inception, our Champ from last week’s 100th event! Winning their first Golden VHS since the event before The Roundhouse Royale annual event at the beginning of September… back in the winner’s circle with 101 points on this 101st event… with their SIXTEENTH GOLDEN VHS… THE QUESTIONABLES!

Congrats once again to The Questionables, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room, enjoyed the Raptors opening the season and dropping the banners, while also playing some Trivia Club! We’ll see you NEXT TUESDAY for the extra scaaaary edition of Trivia Club HALLOWEEN EDITION on October 29th!
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