at Black Lab Brewing: The Feral Mongooses, October 23rd 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 25, 2019

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Awooo! We were BACK at Black Lab Brewing for our third official event (second this fall, and fourth overall) with all kinds of familiar and unfamiliar faces! Participants and their pups joined in to see who would take home Beethoven’s 2nd! Gerrard St. Bakery also joined in with their very very tasty baked goods! Would it be a familiar east-end team, or a returning Champ at Black Lab, a returning Black Lab competitor or someone all new? You clicked on the link to get here so you already know, these are all silly questions for me to be asking!

 Trivia Classic  came to end with The Feral Mongooses in the top spot, a half a point ahead of TBD! The newcomers name was to be determined, but The Feral Mongooses were very well known to Trivia Club as the Fighting Mongooses, recent Hitchens Cup winners and a fifty-event appearance streak (and birthday boy and/or girl, to boot) at Hitch Limited just up the street! The usual duo was joined at Black Lab by their pooch Bowser, making just his second run at a Golden VHS tape of his own! Tied in third place were newcomers Stephen Hopping and Death Eaters just two points away from first place! Also in the Top Five (top five top five) were the hive mind of Say Goodbye to Mark, a tangetal goodbye party for Mark (you likely don’t know this Mark, but he seemed like good people)! Tied with Say Goodbye to Mark were Marvel & Friends, which is to say a dog Marv and his friends! In seventh place were Danse Contacte, followed by returning Champs from last month with a further appropriate name of Squad Ghouls (time caught up to them!), followed by a tie in the ninth spot between The Good Boys from Laramie Cigarettes, and Leo-Nerd-Os!

 Tri-Pardo  was our second round at Black Lab, which brought thirty-six points of questions, a triple hit by Squad Ghouls and The Feral Mongooses, keeping those Mongooses in the lead but with Squad Ghouls just six points behind! Say Goodbye to Mark also kept apace with 23 points from the Pardo, while the rest of the field ebbed and flowed with pluses and minuses that saw an up hill battle for the field!

Ultimately it came down to if The Feral Mongooses would wager enough to win, and if they would answer the  Trivia Finale  correctly! They wagered forty-three of their points, and Squad Ghouls wagered twenty-four! Even with Say Goodbye to Mark going all-in it was down to the last question of the night…

Which was answered correctly across the board! THE FERAL MONGOOSES won their TWENTY-FOURTH GOLDEN VHS on the night, and first at Black Lab Brewing! It’s also the first Golden VHS for Bowser as well, though he was always their (if not in growling body) for the others, as The Feral Mongooses finished with 97 points! With this win, they have also won at four different locations, giving them an Active Triple Crown, but also making them just the fifth team to win at more then three different locations!

Congrats once more to The Feral Mongooses, and thank you to everyone came out to play some pup-friendly Trivia Club at Black Lab Brewing! We will see you NEXT MONTH on November 21st which is a THURSDAY for the last Trivia Club of the year at the man’s best friendly confines of Black Lab for 2019!
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