at The Rec Room Roundhouse: The Questionables, May 28th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 29, 2019

It was a wonderful night for Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse this past Tuesday, with a whole bunch of competitive teams out in Toronto to compete for the top prize on our 80th edition of Canada's Greatest Game Show! Would we have a new team lift the top prize or would returning team win the Golden VHS?!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Trivia Club regulars Cookiefaced in the top spot, winning those sweet sweet prizes, and holding a point and a half lead on Untitled Solo Project (the solo return of Dead on the Inside's inaugural Champ), who themselves had a half point lead good enough for a sweet prize or two against yet another regular team, the house team at The Roundhouse if you will, The Questionables! That Trebek loving crew had a point advantage on not just The Traceys but another group of newcomers seated right beside them, 3V + P! Outside of the Top Five (top five top five) were Team Voldermort, followed by Team Poutine, returning competitors Quiz Tarrent, Team Joe Bass (enjoying time away from the Twenty-One Pilots concert), the returning and now Permanent Residents, and finally Team Compliance!

Our second round of  Tri-Pardo  then created some room in this crowded field, as Untitled Solo Project rolled for nineteen points on the first question, while Team Poutine rolled for ten points on the second question, and finally Joe Bass rolled for fourteen points on the third question! This meant that forty-three points were on the line in total, and swinging for the fences and connecting were Team Voldermort and 3V + P who hit for the triple and gained second and first place respectively after the second round! Getting a thirty-three point boost from the first and third questions were The Questionables, keeping their strong third spot after two rounds! Untitled Solo Project however took the biggest hit, getting the third question correct but answering incorrectly on the other two Qs and thus losing fifteen points!

Then in the  Trivia Finale , most teams went all-in if not mooostly all-in, save for our leaders 3V + P who wagered twenty of their points instead! With that decision, though they were able to answer the Finale correctly they would have to settle for the runner-up spot! In first place instead was the only other team to answer the last question correctly...

Winning their EIGHTH GOLDEN VHS, and second with their new name, THE QUESTIONABLES! The Questionables finished the night with ninety-seven points, which will no doubt be a strong point total nationwide as well! Will it top the Canada-wide standings? Click here to find out! Those ninety-seven points do, however, make The Questionables the second team ever at The Rec Room to surpass 1,000 points at Trivia Club, alongside Team Name! Well done!

Congrats once more to The Questionables and thank you to everyone who came out and made it such an exciting edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse! Thanks as always for joining us in the Three10! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY on June 4th for the latest edition of the Greatest Game Show in Canada!
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