at The Rec Room: Not Turner, December 18th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 20, 2018

We ended our first full year of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse with the 61st edition of the Greatest Game Show in Ontario! Would a returning Champion win the night or would a new winner rise to the occasion? It was a competitive group of teams so we had to wait and see!

 Trivia Classic  saw our first round end with the returning Crying in the Shower top the standings, one point ahead of District 329 in first place! District 329 also enjoyed some sweet prizes, while returning Champs Army of 1 + 4 was one point behind the second team, and all tied up with returning Royalty at The Rec Room, Not Turner! The returning Champions and our reigning Grand Champions had a three point lead on Salt & Pepper, who in turn had a one point lead on Joey Triviani! Rounding out the field were The Boneshakers!

 Tri-Pardo  followed, with Army of 1 + 4 rolling the first question for nine points, Joey Triviani rolled the second question for fourteen points, and Salt & Pepper rolled the third question for thirteen points! This meant that thirty-six points were up for grabs in our second round! No team would get all thirty-six, but Joey Triviani would make the biggest step forward with a twenty-seven point swing from the second and third questions! Also making a big step forward were The Boneshakers whose twenty-two points from the first and third questions slipped them into second place with a one point lead over Not Turner and Army of 1 + 4! In the  Trivia Finale  it was then an all or nothing gain… and when the dust settled only one team was left standing!

Winning their SECOND GOLDEN VHS… were NOT TURNER with 52 points! They become the sixth team to win multiple Championships at The Rec Room, after many one-time winners in our first year of competition! Ever since Not Turner won The Rec Room Royale though, the culture has begun to shift!

Congrats to Not Turner, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room to end the year with us! Thank you to everyone at The Rec Room, who works in front of and behind the scenes to help make it all possible, and of course thank you to all the teams who have come out to compete for that Golden VHS! We will see you again in THREE WEEKS, maybe our longest break yet, on the other side of the New Year for more Trivia Club and big news of more fun at The Rec Room!
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