Saturday Night Live Fantasy League: Season 44 Draft Results

September 30, 2018

Saturday Night Live Fantasy League presented by Trivia Club, is a Fantasy League like no other. Like Fantasy Football for the comedy nerd, participants draft cast members and prospective hosts before the start of the season and then are awarded points based of their performance through a scoring system. For additional points, before the start of each episode participants can guess which two songs they think the musical guest will perform. Since the beginning, this television institution has become the first step in the major leagues of comedy stardom, and with over forty seasons of familiar traditions, we’ve found a way to add math to comedy and somehow make that a fun game to play. No seriously. You’re welcome.

Remember that you can and should still play at home, and with friends! We will also be adding a new wrinkle this year with each member of the Hartman Group breaking down points in an episode, with each of the seven core participants responsible for three episodes! In the five previous seasons this was solely my responsibility, and though I will still be putting together the posts on the episodes I am happy that everyone that has been invested in SNL Fantasy League since the beginning will get a turn on building our sixth season of this strange and wonderful experiment.

Joining three-time Hartman Trophy winner Matthew S. and The Ignorant Sluts, myself Russel H. and the Billion Dollar Murrays, Brian E. and The Team You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party, Kevin M. and The Not Ready For First Place Players, and reigning Hartman Trophy winner Rob M. under the new team name Hunter The Hungry’s Gotta Eat in our own little Five Timers Club with their fifth season of Saturday Night Live Fantasy League is previous Hartman Trophy winner Megan McKay and War Horse Can Dance ,and Sarah R. and Holtzwomenn! Thank you both for being the Candice Bergan, making sure this isn’t some boys club! Megan M. began in Season 40 as part of the first new group in our Fantasy League, before joining the Hartman Group in Season 41 and winning the Hartman Trophy immediately, while Sarah R. has been a part of Hartman since year two of our Fantasy League as the first new member of the Group!

With all that said, here are the Cast Draft results, and prospective Host Draft results, for the Season 44 Hartman Group!
As per an updated McKinnon Rule, Kate McKinnon was unable to be drafted this season to provide a better overall balance to all teams. To that effect the Baldwin Rule now also made Alec Baldwin unable to be drafted in both the cast and host drafts.

With Ego Nwodim joining the cast after our Cast Draft for Season 44, the Hartman Group had a Featured Redraft after the fourth episode of Season 44, or The Elvis Costello. The redraft not only gave participants a chance to draft Ego Nwodim after getting a quick look at her on the show but also swap out other draft choices with those who went undrafted. Three teams decided to keep their rosters the same, while Kyle Mooney was picked up after going undrafted originally, and Leslie Jones was dropped by both teams who originally drafted her.

Host Draft up-to-date as of episode 44x17, including guest appearances

  • Adam Driver, who went undrafted this year, last hosted in Season 41 and was drafted by Leah S. and The Future Mrs. Randy Goldman.
  • Awkwafina, who was drafted in the first round by Russel H. and Billion Dollar Murrays this season, gives Russel H. two hosts in the last three episodes of Saturday Night Live including the finale episode of season 43. The first correct pick in SNL 44 also equals the entirety of corrects picks (one)  for the Murrays in SNL 43.
  • Hartman Group has never drafted Seth Myers as a host in six seasons of SNL Fantasy League, but we did talk about him as a possibility this year and also, he seems like good people.
  • Jonah Hill has hosted twice since we began the Fantasy League, with Leah S. and Five Timers Club drafting him in Season 39 and no one in the Hartman Group drafting him in Season 41. Matthew S. and The Ignorant Sluts drafted Hill in the eighth round for their first correct pick of Season 44.

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