at The Rec Room: Highrollers, September 11th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 12, 2018

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We returned to The Rec Room Toronto in preparation for our one year anniversary celebration NEXT TUESDAY in The Hall! But before we get to The Trivia Royale at The Rec Room it was Trivia Club time in the Upper Three10 space! Not only would we bring back for Champions on this night to compete, but also a host of different teams from across Canada!

 Trivia Classic  had a down the wire finish in the top ten teams, but ultimately it was Kimchi & Whiskey who pulled ahead with twenty points in the first round! Just a point behind them, also getting some sweet sweet candy were Quizzy Rascals! Two points behind the Rascals and out the prize zone were from out west, the Winterpeggers! In fourth place from Houston, were Texas! Half a point behind Texas, rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) were Les Quebecois! In sixth place were Michele's Marvels, and half a point behind them were Really Makes U Think, returning a week after their tie-breaker loss, as Highrollers! They were half a point ahead of Balkan Brainiacs, while Cookiefaced were in ninth, and the father/daughter team of Boots & Bagels rounded out the Top Ten (top ten, top ten)!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Rec Room, saw not only Winterpeggers but Quizzy Rascals roll for TWENTY POINTS! This was followed by Cookiefaced rolling thirteen for a potential fifty-three points on the line! The Highrollers would gain twenty points, as would Balkan Brainiacs and Winterpeggers! Quizzy Rascals would gain thirteen points, tieing them with Balkan Brainiacs before the Finale, just a half a point behind Highrollers... while five points ahead in the lead were those Winterpeggers as Kimchi & Whiskey had lost thirty-three points and were now almost out of the running!

This then led to a  Trivia Finale  in which only two teams were able to get the answer correctly! One of those teams were Cookiefaced, who almost sat out the last question and instead finished in fourth place! Though Winterpeggers only wagered seven points, their thirty point finish would have to be good enough for runner-up on the night as coming from behind to win the night with a correct answer in the Finale...

Making them TWO-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS, just the fifth teams to gain multiple VHS wins at The Rec Room... HIGHROLLERS! They finished the night with forty-seven and a half points, a new personal best score as well!

 11/09/18 POINTS TABLE 
Highrollers 12.5 20 32.5 15 47.5
Kimchi & Whiskey 20 -33 -13 20 -33
Texas 14.5 -13 1.5 20 -18.5
Quizzy Rascals 19 13 32 20 12
Balkan Brainiacs 12 20 32 32 0
Winterpeggers 17 20 37 7 30
Les Quebecois 14 -20 -6 20 -26
Cookiefaced 9 -20 -11 20 9
Congrats once again to Highrollers, and thank you to everyone who came out and joined in on the Trivia Club goodness at The Rec Room! We will be back NEXT TUESDAY for the first week of a TWO WEEK ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR! The Rec Room Royale! Who will become the first Trivia Royalty at The Rec Room? We will have to see, beginning SEPTEMBER 18th at 8:30PM!
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