at The Ace: The Simple Minds, July 11th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

July 12, 2018

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Trivia Club returned to The Ace to begin July in an intimate trivia fashion at our lo-fi late night location, a head-to-head between our newest Roncesvalles house team The Simple Minds, and Teach Me How to Douggie Ford, no not the recent Golden VHS winners from The Rec Room but the newest team name for Lt. Dance's Anthony and friends! Yes, this was the trivia return for Anthony after his limited licensed run as the host at Gin Mill!

The Simple Minds held a five point lead after  Trivia Classic , with Teach Me How to Douggie Ford not far behind! Unfortunately for Douggie, The Simple Minds grabbed the two TOP TEN answers in  Game Show Games  and then withstood a wildly competitive back and forth to be the last team standing for TWENTY POINTS (with the combo!) and the Hanksfest tickets! This led to a  Tri-Pardo  in which everyone seemed to be on a roll, as fifty-one points were up for grabs after The Simple Minds rolled for fifteen points on the first question and nineteen (!) on the third question, while Teach Me How to Douggie Ford rolled for seventeen points on the second question! Ultimately Teach Me How lost two points with a correct answer on the first question, but an incorrect answer on the second question... while The Simple Minds hit for the triple, and walked into the Finale with 120 points!!!

In the  Trivia Finale , Teach Me How to Douggie Ford went all in, knowing they needed to chase The Simple Minds, while The Simple Minds wagered fifty of their points, forgoing a chance to set a new high water mark at The Ace in return for Golden VHS security!


Answering the Finale question correct, and becoming the twenty-third member (and fourth quickest!) of the FIVE TIMERS CLUB with their FIFTH GOLDEN VHS in five months at The Ace... THE SIMPLE MINDS! The Simple Minds finished the night with 170 points, a new personal best and the third highest score so far at The Ace!

 11/07/18 POINTS TABLE 
The Simple Minds 29 10 10 20 51 (50) 120
Teach Me How to Douggie Ford 24 8 8 10 -2 (48) 0
Congrats once more to The Simple Minds, and thank you to Lt. Dance's Teach Me How to Douggie Ford! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS on the 25th of July for the TENTH edition of Trivia Club at The Ace!
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