at The Rec Room: Team Name, May 22nd 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 23, 2018

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What an unexpected turn of events at The Rec Room! On a night when planned to bring you Trivia Club in The Hall, planned shifted to the Three10 on the 11th hour! Don't worry though, you can still reserve your table for upcoming events and if The Hall is indeed available then the more reservations we have, then the better chance we have to take Trivia Club to the Big Stage! Make a reservation by giving us a call at 416-815-0086 or reserving through The Rec Room website. Don't forget to tell them you're there for 'TRIVIA'! And if we're back at Three10... when we have a group of competitive teams like we had this past #TriviaTuesday, we'll have all the fun as the night comes down to the wire!

N-Squared led the field after  Trivia Classic , with Team Name returning for the second place spot after round one which saw the top two teams enjoying some swag! Just a point behind Team Name were Hey Google in third, while a point behind them were Sebastian Stan, joining us for a second time after debuting at Farside the month before! One point behind Stan were not one but three teams with twelve points, Joel and Friends, 4 Bottles Deep (in a civil war with their friends Hey Google), and You're A Quizzard, Harry! In eighth place, and just eight points off of the lead were Team Mix-Up to round out the crowd at The Rec Room!

 Tri-Pardo  in The Roundhouse was round two, and that saw Sebastian Stan roll for ten points on the first question and lose ten points with an incorrect answer! Also losing ten were Team Mix-Up! Gaining ten points were Joel and Friends, N-Squared, and You're A Quizzard, Harry! Quizzard would also gain eleven points with the second question, which Team Name rolled for! Team Name would also grab those eleven points, while N-Squared lost eleven points and their lead along the way! Gaining seventeen points on the third question, rolled for Mix-Up, was every team save for Hey Google, and that meant that yes You're A Quizzard, Harry! hit for the triple and with a thirty-eight point jump, gained the lead on the field as well, going into the Finale!

Save for a little cagey wagering from Sebastian Stan and Team Name, who left behind nine and three points respectively, teams went all-in on the  Trivia Finale ! For the third and final round, this meant that Team Name would need some luck to win things from the number two spot as You're A Quizzard, Harry! had not only closed the gap on the leader board but taken it for their own! Ultimately it was a question as well that would go one of two ways for teams... and an answer that only three teams would choose the correct direction with! Finishing in third were Joel and Friends, who finished just two points out of second and five points out of first place! The runners-up on the night were 4 Bottles Deep, who finished three points out of first and won the battle of their table...

But with knowledge, gamesmanship, and luck on their side, winning their TWENTY-SIXTH GOLDEN VHS at Trivia Club, and becoming the first team to join the FIVE TIMERS CLUB at The Rec Room were TEAM NAME! They did not wager three of their points, but still won by three points!

 22/05/18 POINTS TABLE 
Team Name 15 28 43 40 83
Sebastian Stan 13 7 20 11 9
Joel and Friends 12 27 39 39 78
N-Sqaured 19 16 35 35 0
You’re A
Quizzard, Harry!
12 38 50 50 0
Mix-Up 11 18 29 29 0
Hey Google 14 -6 8 20 -12
4 Bottles Deep 12 28 40 40 80
Well done Team Name, congrats again, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete and really leave it all up to an exciting mix of wisdom and chance! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for more Trivia Club at The Rec Room!
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