Saturday Night Live Fantasy League: Season 43 Draft Results

October 01, 2017

 S aturday Night Live Fantasy League presented by Trivia Club, is a Fantasy League like no other. Like Fantasy Football for the comedy geek, participants draft cast members and prospective hosts before the start of the season and then are awarded points based of their performance through a scoring system. For additional points, before the start of each episode participants can guess which two songs they think the musical guest will perform. Since the beginning, this television institution has become the first step in the major leagues of comedy stardom, and with over forty seasons of familiar traditions, we’ve found a way to add math to comedy and somehow make that a fun game to play. You’re welcome.

This year, after growth in each and everyone of our first four seasons of the Fantasy League, things took a step back and refocused on the seven teams still participating in the Hartman, including five teams participating in their fifth season. The Five Timers Club includes three-time Hartman Trophy winner Matthew S. and The Ignorant Sluts, myself Russel H. and the Billion Dollar Murrays, Brian E. and The Team You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party, Kevin M. and The Not Ready For First Place Players, and Rob M. and The Party Andersons!

In constricting the Trivia Club posted results to a single Group, we also double-downed on our support and incentive to any and all who want to "play along at home", with the knowledge that at least some version of the Guest Group, the Poehler Group, and the Rocket Group from Season 42 are still participating in some way, shape, or form! You'll hear how they do at least once or twice, by our season finale!

With all that said, here are the Cast Draft results, and prospective Host Draft results, for the Season 43 Phil Hartman Group!

It should be noted that several rules were implemented this year for our Cast Draft, specifically the Kate McKinnon Rule, and the Alec Baldwin Rule.

Host Draft update to date as of episode 43x21, including guest appearances.

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